Luce Choules

Terreno, 2012-15

During 2012 and 2015, artist Luce Choules collaborated on the Joya: arte + ecología’s project Sistemas Efímeros as co-curator. To date, a diverse series of surveys have been made on the terraces of the water-catchment site at Los Gázquez. Using photography and other instruments to record ideas, experimental fieldwork was documented, creating a dataset to inform new conceptual works. Choules is interested in the site as an extension of social space – a place for people to gather, research and modify. For her, Sistemas Efímeros is a site and an idea that encourages change, a location that remains static, and a surface that will see many revisions.


CHOULES_terreno_survey1_40 CHOULES_terreno_survey1_41 CHOULES_terreno_survey1_42 CHOULES_terreno_survey2_40 CHOULES_terreno_survey2_41 CHOULES_terreno_survey2_42
CHOULES_terreno_survey3_40 CHOULES_terreno_survey3_41 CHOULES_terreno_survey3_42

Images (from top)

Sistemas Efímeros, Water Catchment Site, 2012
Sistemas Efímeros: a survey of fragmentation, 2014
Sistemas Efímeros: a survey of population, 2014
Sistemas Efímeros: a survey of distribution, 2015

Luce Choules