Jackson is interested in ideas of temporal space – the space between perception and distance, present and future, duration and consciousness. Her practice investigates parameters, frameworks and measurements of time-based perception. The work Jackson makes explores the transience of lived experience and possibility of an extending present. The intention is a move towards a poetics of time that acknowledges the indeterminate, slight and atmospheric – a register of time where an instant has infinite span.


FIELDWORK Q&A – May 2015

How is fieldwork part of your practice?
Fieldwork is central to my painting practice. Through close observation a detailed collection of painted swatches are developed in response to a specific landscape site. When the site is re-visited this reference material allows the painting to be made is a very brief span of time – in the present.

How would you describe your fieldwork activity?
The fieldwork I undertake is site-specific, initially it involves establishing an observation point and generating reference material. The structure of the painting is also developed in response to a physical experience of the field. Once this preparatory work is in place the painting is made at the field site. The specific time, date and location of the painting is cited in the title of each work.

How are you currently sharing your fieldwork?
Certain aspects of the fieldwork I undertake form personal working processes, developed in response to the subjects, experiences and sites I work with. In some residency settings these outdoor/indoor, field/studio, working methodologies are shared within an open studio environment. I often discuss an element of fieldwork when describing the systems, frameworks and content of the paintings. In terms of a shared activity, the fieldwork I undertake is not collaborative – it is a personal response, an individual present.

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