The artistic research that I practice sets the correlation between dance and the landscape. I work on the environmental capacity of the dancing body by placing its meteorological state in different specific territorial contexts. The main aim is to bring plurality to the meaning of the sense of the space.

In the same way that landscape is a cultural fact, dynamic and variable, dance is an interactive and open human experience, available in the environment and closely related to consciousness. The processes of creating the images we make of the world in which we live, are key to understanding the relationships between the body, place, scale, presence, space and representation. The imaginative body’s action transforms into choreography and embodies the intangibility of the place where it settles.

I am interested in the possible elements that integrate the imaginative capacity such as the time of the body and life, nature, climate, landscape and environmental alterations; as well as the symbolic universes and connection with objects, which are all different from diverse realities. All these physical dimensions – mental, corporal and imagined – conditions the appreciations we create from places, and emerging through them the affectivities we have for daily landscapes.

I work and live between Barcelona and a rural environment. I have developed long term projects: New Landscape, or No Landscape working on my own under the lens of a geographical exploration through the body´s climate, and Choreography and Landscape working collectively in the city’s periphery with its inhabitants.

FIELDWORK Q&A – May 2020

How is fieldwork part of your practice?
I develop myself in my surroundings through my body’s life experience, in a corporeal meteorology which moves in the landscape. My practice consists of experiencing landscapes and contrasting energies. Over the last eight years I have progressed over a distance of forty kilometres, following the expansive energy of the compact city. I traversed urban peripheries, crossing administrative boundaries which order territories, from the city of Barcelona to the Vallès Oriental county. As a micro-climate in movement, I draw ephemeral itineraries with my body which reformulate the eco-spatial considerations of the contexts in which I transit. The practice becomes almost a way of life, and moves through different depths of investigation. Apart from the general process, there are concrete zones of study in which halts, and time lapses which could recall geological intervals appear. It is in these silences where I question myself most intensely, the pause generating the expansion of the internal.

How would you describe your fieldwork activity?
I work on situationist concepts which examine the contemporary morphologies of the places under a danced geographical/locational prism. I combine a particular practice of moving myself from emptiness and registering the vibrations which issue forth from the material and the surroundings. I exist as a physical memory which changes the skin of the place. My fieldwork situates the corporeal interpretation of the spaces on the memory of the landscapes, which regenerate themselves through the artistic flow. The dance and its story influence the physical aspect of the site where they manifest themselves; they change it. The ephemeral incarnation of the meteorology of the body sends out the harmonic vibrations  necessary for the interrelationship between place and body to become an ecology of the moment.

How are you currently sharing your fieldwork?
I share the different investigations into landscape in artistic events and formal exhibition gatherings. I am supported by museum programmes and centres which support processes of the live movement arts. Sometimes audiovisual recordings, texts, publications and spaces for reflection and debate arise. I also interact with associations and social structures linked to the municipalities where I work – for example, platforms formed by activists in defence of the territory and the struggle against climate change. In the education field, I work with schools on projects to raise awareness of landscape. Together we address issues related to body, landscape and technology to study the effects of climate change on a local scale. I am part of nomadic urban school initiatives where landscape becomes a field of research and knowledge. I am interested in sharing my processes with other disciplines of study, such as geology, writing, geography, photography, ecology, urbanism, architecture and environmental sciences. Almost as an obsession, I propose my work on a horizontal plane of knowledge, sharing creative processes. The search for plural significances and knowledge in cooperation fills my work of approaching places and exploring landscapes with meaning.

Choreography and Landscape