Vivo. Objeto. Virtual

Vivo. Objeto. Virtual

Paula Bruna

Vivo. Objeto. Virtual, 2020

“In a space invaded by vegetation, Bruna tells us about the coexistence between the vegetal kingdom and the social and cultural life. Paula Bruna’s work takes as a reference concepts of ecology and ecological economy and shows the fragility of this cohabitation that often enters in collapse, being this a central element of her work. The idea of collapse, can lead to ruin and catastrophe, but also to the emergence of new forms of life and coexistence where new structures appear.

Often her work material are seed crops that imply a very specific attention towards the cure of living organisms and a reciprocal relationship with the context where it is located. Vivo. Objeto. Virtual is an account of previous experiences of work in artistic institutions where, beyond the environmental conditions of the exhibition spaces, the exhibition of her work reveals the difficulty of plant survival in a hostile environment, both environmentally and by the apparent misunderstanding between two ecosystems: the artistic and botanical. Fragile and vulnerable, the crops collapse, thus revealing a certain situation and functioning of the exhibition space.”

(text by Caterina Almirall)


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Vivo. Objeto. Virtual. 2020


Paula Bruna. 10 minutes x 3 processes, Ephemeral programme, SWAB Barcelona Art Fair, Spain. (2020)

SWAB Art Fair virtual exhibition

Paula Bruna