Jordi Mas Balado

Geopresències, 2017

Understood as a place of observation and debate on the territorial transformations of the Valles region, the project (geopresències) is a proposal of the urban planner Kathrin Golda-Pongratz, together with geographer Bernat Lladó and photographer and editor Ignasi Lopez. My contribution inaugurated the cycle with a performative action that interacted with the exhibition and concluded it with a participatory workshop where concepts arising in the different phases of the project were embodied.

The non-representation before the territorial presence, the climatic dance as a character of an ecology of the environments, and the collective territorial imaginary in relation to image creation, were issues that were developed among all. It was held in a participatory and exhibition space in Roca Umbert, factory of the arts, in Granollers. A publication of the referring texts was produced.

During the cycle, people from various disciplines were invited to contribute their different points of view in relation to the complexity of a territory, very marked by urban pressure and the proliferation of dismembered places, empty of content.

The projects (urbanoporosis, agroperipherals, and pressure landscapes) made public before the cycle, have the common objective of trying to analyze the territorial contexts that emerged from a recent period of economic expansion, which produced a reality territorial very far from promoting environmental values ​​and quality landscapes. Starting from recovering part of these projects and updating them to current territorial changes, a critical itinerary of reflection and shared knowledge about the landscape was created, which spoke from graphic distance to micro-politics. 
Absenting oneself from a present place involves discovering a geography of presences, in which the body has a prominent space.


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Geopresències. (2017)



Jordi Mas Balado