Layerscape (peat bogs)


Laura Harrington

Layerscape (peat bogs), 2012

Made in collaboration with sound artist Lee Patterson and film-makers Deborah Bower and Sarah Bouttell.

Layerscape (peat bogs) is an immersive journey into the upland peatlands of the North Pennines and Northumberland; intending to capture the visual and sonic essence of such landscapes and their environmental importance. Filmed over a year the style is slow, inspired by the actual collecting of footage over twelve months and the decomposition and layering of vegetation over thousands of years. The work will be screened in a bothy at the heart of Moor House National Nature Reserve where filming and recording began in February 2011. The work captures the otherworldly and ethereal nature of peatlands – an absorbing journey both outward and inward from the familiar human scale. Finding small worlds within minutiae and exploring hidden intricacies, both visually and sonically.

The film, shot on 16mm, explores vast and different peatlands from the uplands and blanket bogs of Allendale and Killhope to the ancient border mires in Kielder forest, observing the shifting and passing of time and viewing the power of nature to heal itself in multiple ways.


03_Lee Patterson on Felicia Moss

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Laura Harrington