Here Beyond

E. Jackson

Here Beyond (2013-15)

Colour and Aerial Perspective in the Parque Natural Sierra María-los Vélez

Colour observations of the landscape surrounding Cortijada los Gázquez were made from a single viewpoint, at timed intervals, during a single day. Prior to the residency a structural framework for the painting was developed and fabricated. Exploring colour over distance and time the sequential works made during the residency document an aspect of the temporal luminosity and nuanced hues experienced in the landscape.

I was exploring ideas of temporal space – the space between perception and distance, present and future, duration and consciousness. Investigating the parameters, frameworks and measurements of time-based perception, these works explored the transience of lived experience and possibility of an extending present. The intention was a move towards a poetics of time that acknowledges the indeterminate, slight and atmospheric – a register of time where an instant has infinite span.



Los Gázquez, Spain. (2013-15)
Vélez Rubio, Spain. (2013-15)

WORKS (series)

Parque Natural Sierra Marìa–los Vélez, 16.05.13 / 10:00 | 14:00 | 18:00
Parque Natural Sierra Marìa–los Vélez, 20.05.13 / 12:00 | 15:00 | 18:00
Sierra de Maimón, 16.01.15 / 10:40, 17.01.15 / 15:10, 18.01.15 / 11:45
Sierra de la Muela, 16.01.15 / 10:40, 17.01.15 / 15:10, 18.01.15 / 11:45

E. Jackson