Crossed Paths

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Miranda Whall

Crossed Paths, 2015

Crossed Paths is an artist led fieldwork, a project in development. In this project Whall is drawing together her own walks in, on and around the Pumlumon massif; Pen Pumlumon Fawr, Pen Pumlumon Arwystli, Y Garn, Pen Pumlumon Llygad-bychan and Pumlumon Fach in the Cambrian Mountains, West Wales where she lives and works, with a series of re-called walks by seven artists who have walked for, because of or as art in various places throughout the world over the last few decades. Each of the seven projects begins with a recorded conversation with the artist; the images and sounds that they remember are combined with the images and sounds that Whall collects from her walks. The observations of the present and the recollections of the past collide and cross; intersections occur between the here and now and then and there, between the nowhere and somewhere and in the forgotten and remembered.

The artists who are participating are Luce Choules, Andy Welch, Simon Beckmann, Simon Whitehead, Dick Whall; and Zoe Irvine and Tim Knowles are yet to be confirmed.

In conversation with Whall so far Luce Choules talked about a three-year period of sustained walking in the Chamonix valley, Mont-Blanc massif and Aiguilles Rouges, France. Andy Welch talked about walking the 200km journey following the Barranco from its source, the ‘headwaters’ in the mountains ‘Rambla del Cajar’ down to the sea in the Parque Natural Sierra María-Los Vélez, Almeria. Simon Beckmann talked about his project ‘Sistemas Efímeros’ ephemeral systems, an arts-led, trans-disciplinary collaborative project that he curates and contributes to, he talked about having walked and talked with over a hundred artists along the now dry water system, again in the Parque Natural Sierra María-Los Vélez, Almeria. Whall talked to her Father and artist Dick Whall about his 26 mile walk in 1984 along the base of the Ridgeway for his installation ‘L’Appareil pedaqoqique avec ses apanaqes, or the eniqma machine toqether with its bombs’, 1969-1994 and most recently Whall talked with Simon Whitehead about his project Dulais made in the Spring of 2006 in the Afon Dulais river, Abercych, West Wales. He walked into the river, close to the mouth with the Cych on April 6th just after his first daughter was born, wearing a guitar on his back, microphones on his ahead and carrying a mini amp.


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