Roisner (aka François Leo Benner) is a performance artist, music producer, sound engineer and DJ, working with live event and pre-recorded material. He is currently collaborating with AADK (Centro Negra) in Spain and Al·Darrax Label, an independent space dedicated to publishing sounds from the heart of the Ricote Valley, Murcia. Roisner is part of Abraham Hurtado’s The Body in Crisis, work, ‘Rota Festival’ at Centro Párraga, Murcia and ‘Raiz al noise Festival’, Blanca. He has previously worked with Les Grandes Traversées Bordeaux, Watergate Berlin and Magazzini Generali Milan. Roisner is the founder of the electronic music platform ‘sound Of ruins’, co-founder of sonic arts collective SEL__NOIR, and is resident DJ at Moss, Distrito13 and Ocio in Murcia, Spain.

sound Of ruins | SEL__NOIR | AADK (Centro Negra)

FIELDWORK Q&A – November 2022

What interests you about fieldwork in artistic and/or geographic practice?
I want to create a sonic map of the place I’m in, with a focus on creating a sound palette that surrounds and inspires me. Exploring landscapes through walking and hiking is an important part of my process as it lets my mind « wander ».

How is fieldwork part of your work?
The method I appreciate most is in-between free-form and improvisation, songwriting and arrangement. I work by creating a space within the machines (hardware and software) at my disposal that allow me to capture moments, feelings and messages that come directly from the field. I use a range of analogue and digital equipment to make recordings in the landscape.

How would you share your fieldwork activity?
I make live concerts and sonic performance works – A/V events are the way I like the show my work. Creating content for my social media accounts is also important to me and is part of my practice – I share ideas, photographs and films daily.



REGOLITHIC concept album, current

Created as a form of resistance and social protest, REGOLITHIC exposes the destructive activities of corporations and governments and their toxic relationship to the Earth. Moving beyond sensationalist and dystopian news media, the album’s twelve audiovisual tracks propose an exhilarating ride through the failing structures that cause the environmental crisis.

Collaboration Biography:

SEL__NOIR is an inter-disciplinary artist collective founded in 2021 in response to the environmental crisis. Their immersive audiovisual projects investigate the entanglement of economic structures and power relations that foster destructive practices and the socio-ecological impact of these actions. The work of the collective is a wide-ranging commentary on harmful activities taking place in the geopolitical, economic and social spheres.



SEL__NOIR fieldwork for REGOLITHIC
SEL__NOIR itinerant studio work for REGOLITHIC
Participation in Abraham Hurtado’s work The Body in Crisis
Participation in Abraham Hurtado’s work The Body in Crisis
In Hand (crystal)
In Hand (rock)
Human Landscapes (plastic)
Human Landscapes (pipe)
‘sound Of ruins’ music studio (in association with AADK Spain)
Lusco Fusco by Maria Sánchez + Roisner – album release with Al.darrax Music

We Are the Weathers – TSOEG team with ALTER- 2023 edition, Switzerland