Rabbit Island / No Island is a Man


Andrew Ranville

Rabbit Island / No Island is a Man, 2010 ongoing

Rabbit Island is a remote, 91-acre, forested island located in Lake Superior, Michigan. In the summer of 2011, I lived and worked on the island for over a month. With the assistance of several volunteers and visitors, we broke ground on a sustainable artist residency program. With the financial support of our Kickstarter backers we completed an Adirondack shelter containing a kitchen, library, fully stocked toolshed, and more. I returned to the island in 2012 for an additional two months, finalizing the establishment of the residency program and also completing work for a solo exhibition. The Rabbit Island Foundation is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3); I operate as its Executive Director.

The DeVos Art Museum, part of the Northern Michigan University School of Art and Design, launched the exhibition No Island is a Man in mid-September 2012. A comprehensive catalog was produced in collaboration with the museum. The program is now a fully funded international artist residency and exhibition series.


rabbitisland27 rabbitisland25 The Amphitheater51 rabbitisland28 rabbitisland21

View_North_from_the_Top_of_a_White_Pine-photographic_print Bridge_to_Little_Wedge-photograph_print Transects-video_still


Berg's_Tower2 Rabbit_Island_Quadrangle Portfolio_sheet

Andrew Ranville