Folio is a series of publications highlighting fieldwork in artistic practice – each ‘folio’ focusses on a single project, or body of work. The aim of Folio is to explore how artists engage with landscape and describe the role of fieldwork in their practice. Curated by TSOEG, the Folio collection builds toward a survey of fieldwork in the arts.

‘Artist-led fieldwork has the ability to form new networks, instigate conversations with the land, map human activity, and generate curated places. Data collected during fieldwork can be geographic, topographic, photographic or conceptual, and can be interpreted in the field to inform new works, or at a later date during an editing process. Research methods, theories, concepts, itineraries, observations, and photographic documents flow together as a visible record of fieldwork.’

Extract from the published paper ‘Fieldwork in Practice’. Luce Choules, Nov. 2013. Universitat de Barcelona.