Darc Matter (Denise Aimee Rijnen)

Irony, 2020

Irony is the performance of dying a dress in a the old iron mine of Mazzaron, Spain, during a residency at AADK Spain (Centro Negra) in January 2020.

The meshwork of soymilk, fermented wool and cotton covered in mud with a high content of red ochre, also known as Iron Oxide – a result of decades of a not so romantic waste from iron mining leaching into the soil – sunbathed and rinsed. Red Ochre derived from the earth was the earliest communications bridge – think cave paintings. Thought to reality, reality to spirit, a mechanism for change, a thread linking groups and communities as they evolved, grew and spread.

“Irony: realizing that you are also that, which the sentimentalist in you didn’t want to see.”


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Irony, Spain. (2020)

Darc Matter (Denise Aimee Rijnen)