Choreography and Landscape

Jordi Mas Balado

Choreography and Landscape, 2010-16

The project explored the dynamics of periphery landscapes, through a geographical immersion of the body.

The main location was the town of Montcada i Reixac. This city is characterised by two main elements: an urban growth conditioned by the industrialization and immigration in the decades 1950-70; and a strong concentration of infrastructures and equipment derived from the proximity to Barcelona. In addition, its geographical position limits passage to the territorial plane of Barcelona, ​​making it difficult to set up all the infrastructures that the modern city needs.

A research scholarship grant from the Catalonian Government enabled the the first stage of development for a 2-year creative work (2010-11). The practice was based on matching the landscapes of the town with the body in movement, by devoting long days of research and reconnaissance to different pieces of land. The geomorphology of the land and its environmental components were taken into account, as well as the relationship of the different edges with adjacent neighbours. In an unchangeable cartography, choreographic points of interest were located to develop a dance based on the foundations of the research Body Weather Laboratory. One of the results was the making of a film of landscape and dance movement.

From this solo experience a new cycle of work began with the neighbours over two more years (2014-2016). Here, a process of collective awareness on landscape and choreographic creation was made, and the fieldwork methodology took on a new quality of perception from nature and the surroundings.
 The experience was combined with a cultural initiative typical of the city, offering a combination of elements with a strong power to transform collective imagination and shared values in relation to landscape.


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Choreography and Landscape. (2010-16)


Jordi Mas Balado