Into the Mountain

Simone Kenyon

Into The Mountain, 2018-19

Into the Mountain is a place relational performance project. Inspired and informed by the lyrical and embodied prose of Nan Shepherd’s 1974 book, The Living Mountain, the project explores and celebrates women’s relationships with mountainous environments. Six years in the making, this year-long work included the curation of educational and professional workshops, symposium, traineeships and performance event in collaboration with organisations across arts and mountaineering organisations and estate land management sector.


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Into The Mountain. (2018-19)
Images credit: Felicity Crawshaw


How the Earth Must See Itself (2019), on Scottish Sculpture Workshop website.
Through the project the new commission by National Theatre of Scotland for the the film How the Earth Must See Itself was created in collaboration with artist Lucy Cash.

Additional information about the film How the Earth Must See Itself, for National Theatre Scotland.

Simone Kenyon