min egen sol

Pedro Hurpia

min egen sol, 2019

This project arose from a desire to artificially create a light source capable of replacing all the functions and attributes of the sun. Starting from successive attempts to manipulate and elaborate scale models, I established relationships between bodies/objects and various light sources.

During the research process, two reference books came into my hands, helping me to think about some resolutions and developments in the fieldwork. These books, organized by physicist William R. Corliss, were about geophysical anomalies and reported unexplained cases based on themes such as luminous and electromagnetic phenomena that describe cases that seem like simple delusions. It was the starting point for remaking events using artistic strategies and opening gaps for interpretations in such supernatural situations.

My main interest in this project was to bring to light events that are denied by the field of Geophysics due to the simple fact that there is no plausible explanation about their natures.


IMAGES (from top)

Lampejos | 2018 | Adhesive printing, copper plate and acrylic | 259 x 200 x 41 mm (W x H x D).

Device to transfer the sun | 2019 | Object detail | Wood, steel and lenses | 1st version | Variable dimensions.

Device to transfer the sun | 2019 | (version n.1 [transitory movement – sunrise and sunset] | video | 16:9 | 0’59” | stereo | colour.

Studio practice at Stasjon K | Sandnes, Norway | 2019.

Falling star | 2019 | pigment on cotton paper, aluminium, acrylic and logarithmic scale ruler | approx. 630 x 385 x 56 mm ( W x H x D ).

The sound of the sun | 2019 | Object detail | Magnetic tape loop, wood and drawing | Variable dimensions.

Absorbed light | eclipse shadow bands | 2019 | video | 16:9 | 0’47” | no sound.

Celestial sphere | 2019 | Wood and manipulated photograph | approx. 152 x 450 x 5 mm (W x H x D).

Abnormal refraction phenomena | 2019 | Installation | Tripod and LED-light.


min egen sol
Exhibition view at Stasjon K | Sandnes, Norway | Variable dimensions (2019)

Pedro Hurpia