Seven Summits


Andrew Ranville

Seven Summits, 2011-12

The Seven Summits project was commissioned for the 4th edition of the Marrakech Biennale. I proposed to summit the seven mountains over 4000 meters in the Western High Atlas range. Doing so in October 2011, I extracted a stone from each peak and transported them to Marrakech to be displayed in a temporary installation. At the culmination of the exhibition in June 2012 I returned to Morocco and repeated the trek, restoring the stones to their exact origins.

The installation (seen below) consists of the peaks of the seven tallest mountains in the Western High Atlas range, set atop a framework of Atlas Cedar, a locally-sourced wood that grows near/on the mountains. Constructed at 1/1000th scale to the size and location of the mountains, the names have been carved into the wood to identify the stones above. Situated on the roof of the Théâtre Royal, the Atlas Mountains are visible through the seven structures.

Specifications: The peaks of the seven tallest mountains in the Western High Atlas (Toubkal 4167m, Timesguida 4091m, Ras 4087m, Afella 4032m, Toubkal West 4024m, Akioud 4016m, and Biguinoussene 4001m), Atlas Cedar, steel.

 Dimensions approximately 9m x 8m x 4.2m.


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Andrew Ranville