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Contouring is used to navigate around a hill following a contour ring. In prioritising the form of navigation that mainly uses the map’s contours I adopted contouring as a metaphor and a personal synonym to describe my solitary walking away from the footpaths, and without a desire to move upwards as a goal. [includes a place-specific conversation with Hugh Nicholson] See more

Alison Lloyd

Artist Alison Lloyd is now part of the TSOEG network. Alison Lloyds’ practice involves walking alone, for considerable distances, keeping off the paths, striding and ‘contouring’ through moorland and mountainous areas. Through a passage of movement incorporating walking and dancing Lloyd has documented elements of her life since 1976. Read more

Five Square Kilometres, The Dark Peak

I was considering how walking and camping on my own could facilitate a closer relationship with an area that I was walking repeatedly since 2011 as a recreational walker and much more intensely as an artist since July 2014. My interest in the flora and fauna and the terrain through which I walk is important but for now remains more incidental to the final photographic documentation that I produce. See more