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Artists and the Garden: New Perspectives Conference

Hestercombe Gardens, Somerset, UK 27.09.21 & 28.09.21 | 10:00 – 16:30 BST ‘Artists and the Garden: New Perspectives’ will explore the relationship between cultural production and the garden, across creative disciplines and media, from the 18th century until the present day. Key conference themes consider the garden as a mirror of society, the garden as playground for artistic endeavours, and curating and creativity at Hestercombe – past and present. Topics range from the translocation of plants by the C19th European plant hunters, to the influence of pittoresque garden theory on interior architecture in C18th France; from the politics of inclusive public gardens in Germany, to the integration of artistic intervention, botanical sphere and landscape design in contemporary Italian gardens; and from the imaginary labyrinth and pleasure garden, to the role of rhetoric in the understanding and appreciation of gardens. Artist Edwina fitzPatrick is presenting the paper English Gardens as Heterotopias: Colonialism and Translocated Plants. Hestercombe – Artists and the Garden: New Perspectives Conference – this event is co-organised by Hestercombe Gardens Trust and Kingston University, …

Laurie Anderson – online lectures (The River / The Forest / The Rocks)

Mahindra Humanities Center, Harvard University, USA 02.06.21, 09.06.21 and 16.06.21 | see below for specific times Laurie Anderson presents, ‘Spending the War Without You: Virtual Backgrounds’. Laurie Anderson is one of America’s most renowned – and daring – creative pioneers. Known primarily for her multimedia presentations, she has cast herself in roles as varied as visual artist, composer, poet, photographer, filmmaker, electronics whiz, vocalist, and instrumentalist. The River, The Forest and The Rocks are the first three in a series of six Norton Lectures, looking at the challenges we face as artists and citizens, as we reinvent our culture with ambiguity and beauty. YouTube access – The River – this recording will go live at 5pm EDT on June 2, 2021 and will remain available for the next 24 hours, until 5pm EDT on June 3, 2021. YouTube access – The Forest – this recording will go live at 5pm EDT on June 9, 2021 and will remain available for the next 24 hours, until 5pm EDT on June 10 2021. YouTube access – The Rocks …

HerMaP – digital exhibition

HerMaP, Iran 05.06.21 – 06.05.21 u-form is a project by Alice Pedroletti & Andrea Familari. Part of HerMaP Art Projects, the multimedia exhibition is the result of an online residency in which 10 artists worked through a dialogue between Iran and Europe in collaboration with a supporting group of artists and researchers in Tehran, looking into the aspect of the Industrial and Living Heritage in Iran, and developing new digital works. Funded by EU Commission DG for International Partnerships, with⁠⁠ partners B⁠ozar Center for Fine Arts Brussels⁠⁠, German Embassy in Tehran⁠⁠, Goethe Institute, and Newkinco. Registration – HerMaP digital exhibition.

Open call – Points of Return

A La Luz environmental arts programme 2021 Founded by artists David Cass & Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar, arts platform A La Luz is seeking entries for ‘Points of Return’, an exhibition in summer 2021 that will shed light on the wide-raging environmental issues the world faces in this time of climate crisis, whilst also presenting paths to possible solutions. A La Luz will also produce a book featuring all the artists’ works selected for the exhibition. The deadline for applications is 1 July 2021 Read more

Research Residency – Alice Pedroletti

ZK/U Berlin, Germany from 29.01.21 Alice Pedroletti has been selected as Artist Fellow with ZK/U Berlin. The project is supported by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism under the Italian Council program (2020). “In ‘The city, the island’ I approach the relationship between Urban Island and Natural Island. ZK/U is located in the Moabit district, historically considered an island as it is surrounded by waterways. This characteristic makes it a unique place: an island within an island, a possible free zone where art experiments and hypothesises solutions for the future, remaining ideally-protected, but also critically excluded from the water itself. Place of exchange and relations, a passageway for artists and researchers, ZK/U is a utopian atrium of Berlin’s city. Before that, it’s also the entrance to an island that does not exist. This imaginative, territorial and political condition pushes me to imagine not only artworks for specific places – the atriums – but projects for specific territorial or emotional needs that go beyond architecture.” ZK/U …

Residency – Rabbit Island 2021

Rabbit Island, USA applications close 14.03.21 [11:59pm EST] We are excited to announce our Call for Applications for the 2021 Rabbit Island Residency Program. We anticipate awarding three residencies that will take place between mid-June and late-September this year. With the support of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and continued contributions from donors, we are offering the following to successful applicants: $3200 (USD) award, live and work on Rabbit Island for ~3 week period, featured in the annual Rabbit Island publication. Read more

rocks are for throwing

rocks are for throwing was a place specific performance in a haematite rich, limestone quarry on the outskirts of Bristol in June 2017. A new musical score was composed for the performance by William Frampton in response to text and fieldwork. See more

Mountain Festival

Mountain Festival is a project developed by Luce Choules as a counter-cultural annual event taking place in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in the French Alps. The field of work for Mountain Festival is to attend to the mountain environment itself. See more

Open call – Encura V

Hangar Barcelona, Spain residency programme 2021 Hangar, Visual Arts Research and Production Centre and La Casa Encendida, in association with Hablarenarte, launch an open call for Spanish or overseas curators and researchers currently living in Spain to apply for a fully funded three-month curatorial research residency between Barcelona and Madrid, running from January to March 2021. The deadline for applications is 8 December 2020, at 23:59 (GMT+1) Read more


Phuplec is the phenomenon of growing or becoming a plot of land. Phuplec celebrates the small, the wild, the overripe, the rotten, the undesired and the redundant as necessary tactics for a sustainable future. See more

Encura #3

Itinerant Actions developed a collective fieldwork research programme that explored remote outposts, peripatetic practice and the fluidity of site-responsive working. The project invited resident artists at Hangar and cultural agents based in Barcelona to engage in a critical dialogue about embodied knowledge, ecological economies, roaming landscapes and material territory. See more

mosaferat (checking on you)

In just over a week, hundreds of ‘live cams’ guided me from the Balkans to Turkey along the Black Sea to Iran. My ability to observe changed according to the territory I crossed, creating a ‘live-archive’ of over 1600 images. Traveling both night and day, on mostly deserted highways, I had the freedom to stop in places never seen before. I met people I will never see again, and I crossed landscapes that are changing, taking advantage of our absence due to the pandemic. See more

Looking for the Sky in the Earth

Winter Meditation – after finding a small piece of flint with a pale blue surface at the edge of a field, I resolved to explore the whole area to look for more. Over the winter months I made a series of walks across a single ploughed field looking for flints that reminded me of the sky. See more

Open call – Collide Residency Award

CERN, Switzerland, with Hangar Barcelona, Spain residency programme 2021 Arts at CERN launches an international call for Collide, its flagship programme consisting of a fully-funded residency award of up to three months divided between CERN and the city of Barcelona. For its second edition, Arts at CERN and Barcelona are joining forces again, as part of the on-going collaboration between CERN, the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona and Barcelona City Council. The deadline for applications is 7 December 2020. Read more

Nastassja Simensky

Artist Nastassja Simensky is now part of the TSOEG network. The material and historic relationship of industrial production to colonialism, processes of social and environmental change, inform and ground the practice of contemporary archaeology. As such, my research asks how the development of place-specific and collaborative methods ‘in the field’ enable new ways of highlighting current discourses around nuclear energy production and the multiplicities of actors and forms of knowledge that run through as well as inhabit the Blackwater Estuary in Essex. Read more

Post Punctum – online artist talk

London Independent Photography, UK 04.11.20 | 19:00-20:30 BST LIP proudly presents David George to speak as part of Post Punctum. The theme for the Post Punctum series comes from Roland Barthe’s book Camera Lucida, in which he cites two main elements in a photographic image, studium and punctum. The photographers in this series of talks, have been chosen to represent artists who have moved from commercial to lens based art, to represent female and queer artists along with those who still practice alternative print processes and film photography. Eventbrite booking – LIP Post Punctum (Zoom) Talks – this event is free to attend. LIP event hosted by Jennifer Nash.

David George

Artist David George is now part of the TSOEG network. David George has been exploring photographic representations of the contemporary British landscape for 40 years and has incorporated themes prevalent in 19th century painting practice and aesthetic to aid this exploration. David has appropriated the Sublime, the Melancholy, the Romantic, the Pastoral and the Uncanny in series of images, which he has made to create work that represents the contemporary landscape in a more pictorialist way, while still creating images that can be viewed as documenting the landscape. Read more

The Invisibility of Huge Things

This project was held in Curonian Spit, a region separated by the baltic sea and Curonian Lagoon and between the territories of Lithuania and Russia. It is home to the highest moving (drifting) sand dunes in Europe and several ecological communities are present on the Spit, from its outer beaches to dune ridges, wetlands, meadows, and forests. See more

RGS Explore 2020 – online seminar

Royal Geographical Society, London, UK 14.11.20 | 16:00-19:00 BST The Society’s 44th annual planning seminar will be held online this year. The focus is on small projects with a research component, but anyone planning expeditions or fieldwork is welcome to join this shortened online event of talks and discussion to inspire and inform your own projects. RGS online booking – RGS Explore 2020 seminar – this event is £15 to attend.


Red Ochre derived from the earth was the earliest communications bridge – think cave paintings. Thought to reality, reality to spirit, a mechanism for change, a thread linking groups and communities as they evolved, grew and spread. See more

The Post-Fossil Show – exhibition

HIAP Gallery Augusta, Suomenlinna, Finland 01.10.20 – 01.11.20 | Wednesday to Sunday, 12:00-16:00 The Post-Fossil Transition project as well as the exhibition strive to challenge the currently dominant paradigms and tropes related to ecological sustainability. The artworks in the show point towards the blind spots we have in our discourse and understanding, as well as propose experiences and perspectives that exist outside the domain of reason and language. Artists & contributors: Saara Hannula & Antti Salminen, Laura Harrington, Saara-Maria Kariranta & Riikka Keränen & Hanna Kaisa Vainio, Bita Razavi, Elina Vainio, Kaisu Savola, and Yrjö Sotamaa. Read more

Documents, Alternatives 4 – exhibition

‘Documents, Alternatives’, University of Derby, UK 2020 | online edition The on-line curated exhibition Documents, Alternatives #4, by Angela Bartram, aims to isolate, address, find and utilize appropriate means to translate a diverse range of practice digitally whilst remaining true to its artistic intent. It offers a series of responses through the format of an on-line exhibition of ephemeral artworks, that is designed to self-curate with each user visit. Artist Luce Choules is featured in this edition. Read more


During the cycle, people from various disciplines were invited to contribute their different points of view in relation to the complexity of a territory, very marked by urban pressure and the proliferation of dismembered places, empty of content. See more

min egen sol

My main interest in this project was to bring to light events that are denied by the field of Geophysics due to the simple fact that there is no plausible explanation about their natures. See more

Choreography and Landscape

The project explored the dynamics of periphery landscapes, through a geographical immersion of the body. The geomorphology of the land and its environmental components were taken into account, as well as the relationship of the different edges with adjacent neighbours. See more

Archaeology of Sacrifice

Today, sacrifice is mediated by market exchange – the well-being of humans, non-humans and the environment has been betrayed in favour of economic growth. Sacrifice zones are proliferating in areas deemed most extractable, most exploitable – usually regions under pressure from neoliberal policies. See more


Fangar (Quagmire) explores the surface of an area of the Ebro Delta, one of the largest wetland areas in the western Mediterranean region. Portrayed as a desert, this work was in fact developed at the sea shore. See more


Six artists, an ecologist and two filmmakers were brought together at a former scientific field station to cultivate multifarious practices of artistic fieldwork. Together we found ways of existing, inhabiting and working within the context of this remote location. See more

hidden and missing things

hidden and missing things was a project I held during a residency programme in the south-west coast of Finland. The main subject and argument was the manipulation of an age-old technique of divining with the purpose of activating relations between the local environment, beliefs and the human being who manipulates it. See more

Vivo. Objeto. Virtual

Vivo. Objeto. Virtual is an account of previous experiences of work in artistic institutions where, beyond the environmental conditions of the exhibition spaces, the exhibition of the work reveals the difficulty of plant survival in a hostile environment, both environmentally and by the apparent misunderstanding between two ecosystems: the artistic and botanical. See more

Archaeology of Sacrifice – exhibition

ZeppLab, Zeppelin Museum, Friedrichshafen, Germany 18.09.20 – 06.12.20 Artist Ignacio Acosta is the 39th artist in residence of the ZF Art Foundation. The result of the present grant is the exhibition ‘Archaeology of Sacrifice’ at the ZF Art Foundation in the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen. Acosta’s two-channel video installation ‘Archaeology of Sacrifice’ was created as part of the scholarship of the ZF Kunststiftung and will be shown for the first time at ZeppLab until December 2020. Read more

Residency – Climate Art: A Vanished Sea

Bridgepoint Rye, East Sussex, UK new residency programme 2021 Climate Art and Bridgepoint Rye, in collaboration with Sussex Wildlife Trust, are delighted to announce a call for applications from artists, creative practitioners, and environmental researchers to work on a site-responsive project during a three-month residency at Bridgepoint Creative Centre in Rye, East Sussex. The residency will take place in January – March 2021. The deadline for applications is 8 November 2020 at 23:59. Read more

Pedro Hurpia

Artist Pedro Hurpia is now part of the TSOEG network. Pedro Hurpia’s artistic practice investigates notions of displacement and collapse – not only in geographical way but also in a cognitive dissonance level (psychological stress) – when a person or a group are able to counteract even the basic level of logic; denying evidence, creating false memories, distorting perceptions, ignoring scientific claims, and triggering a loss of contact with reality. Read more

Alison Lloyd

Artist Alison Lloyd is now part of the TSOEG network. Alison Lloyds’ practice involves walking alone, for considerable distances, keeping off the paths, striding and ‘contouring’ through moorland and mountainous areas. Through a passage of movement incorporating walking and dancing Lloyd has documented elements of her life since 1976. Read more

Vivo. Objeto. Virtual – exhibition

SWAB Barcelona Art Fair, Spain 01.10.20 – 15.10.20 | virtual edition SWAB is the contemporary art fair of Barcelona, an independent project that was born in 2006 as an experimental platform for emerging artistic proposals. Founded by architect and collector Joaquín Diez-Cascón, Swab is an event that brings together up to 80 galleries from the international scene and functions as a meeting point for the cultural sector on a global scale. Artist Paula Bruna is exhibiting in the ‘Ephemeral’ programme for the 2020 edition. Read more

New Directions in the Humanities – conference 2021

Complutense University of Madrid, Spain 30.06.21-02.07.21 Founded in 2003, the New Directions in the Humanities Research Network is brought together by a common interest in established traditions in the humanities while at the same time developing innovative practices and setting a renewed agenda for their future. We seek to build an epistemic community where we can make linkages across disciplinary, geographic, and cultural boundaries. The Nineteenth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities in 2021 calls for research addressing the following special focus: ‘Critical Thinking, Soft Skills, and Technology’. Associate Rosalinda Ruiz-Scarfuto is presenting the paper The Forest Flaneur in the New Environmental Aesthetics Shifting the Creative Process in 2020 Eco-phenomenology. Complutense University of Madrid – New Directions in the Humanities conference – this event requires registration. More information on the abstract for Ruiz-Scarfuto’s paper is here.

Paul Mellon Centre – British Art and Natural Forces online programme

Paul Mellon Centre, London, UK events from 06.10.20 until 03.12.20 | various times This multi-part programme of research events focuses on the encounter between artistic and art-historical practice and the forces of the natural world. It places such encounters in both contemporary and historical perspectives. In doing so, it aims not only to respond to the exigencies of the current moment, but to foreground some of the most vital activities and conversations taking place within the field of British art studies: In recent years, scholars have concentrated with new intensity on the overlaps between artistic, geophysical, biological and ecological bodies of knowledge. The series speaks to many of the new interdisciplinary collaborations that are currently shaping art-historical practice, where scholars of the visual arts are working across different subject-fields to explore natural histories, indigenous forms of knowledge, animal studies, concepts of the post-human and revitalised theorisations of the sublime. A series of panels and keynote lectures will address the ways in which artistic and art-historical thinking and practice – in the contexts of British art …

East of Eden

The East of Eden project is a series of photographs that document the River Tees as it travels through the topography/geography of the North East and uses the landscapes that have been created by the ever-changing industrial, economic, political and sometimes social needs and interventions along its course, from its source in the High Pennines on Cross Fell to its meeting with the North Sea at Teesmouth. See more

ONCA – Weaving Connections webinar (POLLEN20)

ONCA, Brighton, UK, as part of POLLEN20 24.09.20 | 14:45-16:30 BST ‘Extracting Us’ brings together reflections and creative work from thirteen artists-activists-researchers in relation to diverse extractive contexts, and responses from virtual visitors and participants over the past month. Through facilitated conversation with co-curators and artists, this event will begin to weave together the threads that connect the contributions, and consider some collective learnings and potential future work. Artist Luce Choules is an invited panel contributor. Eventbrite booking – Weaving Connections webinar – this event is free to attend. Online event is part of the POLLEN20 Political Ecology Network virtual conference, co-hosted by ONCA, Brighton,UK.

Sense of Place – online exhibition launch and Q&A

Royal Geographical Society, London, UK 06.10.20 | 18:30-19:30 An evening event which combines a short film, a virtual exhibition tour and a Q&A to launch ‘Sense of Here’ created by Harriet and Rob Fraser. This thought-provoking exhibition of photography, poetry and creative mapping is born from slow time outdoors and in-depth enquiries into different elements of landscape, centred in the Lake District National Park. The exhibition encapsulates ‘the feeling and knowing of place’. This online event is a one-off opportunity to meet artists Harriet and Rob Fraser, and join a live Q&A with them. This event is coordinated by artist duo somewhere-nowhere. Online booking – Sense of Place: exhibition virtual launch – this event is free to attend. Online event hosted by Royal Geographical Society, London.

Nau Côclea – Walter Benjamin Art Grant 2020

Nau Côclea Walter Benjamin Art Grant 2020 Clara Garí of the Contemporary Art Center Nau Côclea organises again the guided route from Banyuls to Portbou. This route is included in the ‘Walter Benjamin International Colloquium’ organized by the ‘Walter Benjamin Memory and Exile Chair of the University of Girona’, the ‘Democratic Memorial Barcelona’ and the ‘Memorial Museum of The Exile La Jonquera’, Catalonia Spain. This path is walked every year with a different artist making a proposal specifically designed for the occasion in the spirit of Walking Art in all its versions and possibilities. Read more

Jordi Mas Balado

Artist Jordi Mas Balado is now part of the TSOEG network. I work on the environmental capacity of the dancing body by placing its meteorological state in different specific territorial contexts. The main aim is to bring plurality to the meaning of the sense of the space. Read more

Mary Welcome

Artist Mary Welcome is now part of the TSOEG network. Mary Welcome is a multidisciplinary cultural worker collaborating with communities towards cultural empowerment in rural and under-recognized landscapes. Her work is conversational and research-based, in response to the social, built, and natural environments we situate ourselves within. Read more


The soft water gliding seemingly softly over the granite rocks, slowly sneaking its way into the rocks’ crystalline matrix with the help of some acidity – where the process of hydrolysis is altering feldspar into kaolinite, with potassium ions, bicarbonate and silica in the solution as a byproduct. See more

Into the Mountain

Into the Mountain is a place relational performance project. Inspired and informed by the lyrical and embodied prose of Nan Shepherd’s 1974 book, The Living Mountain, the project explores and celebrates women’s relationships with mountainous environments. See more

Darc Matter (Denise Aimee Rijnen)

Artist Darc Matter (Denise Aimee Rijnen) is now part of the TSOEG network. Words and measures used as conventions allow me to draw maps, but are not found on the face of the earth. They isolate me from the entirely indefinable something which is everything, they merely symbolize life. Read more

Perpetual Drawing

I used the island itself as a sketchbook and lab. By exploring the contours of its natural patterns, a series of ethereal photographs and sketches emerged of the things that make up the place – rocks, pine needles, shadows, driftwood, whatever was naturally at hand – in a celebration of what exists, resisting the human tendency to tear down, build up, and conquer. See more

Simone Kenyon

Artist Simone Kenyon is now part of the TSOEG network. Simone Kenyon is an Edinburgh based artist, choreographer, performer, Feldenkrais practitioner and academic. For the past 20 years she has worked across performance and dance with a focus on environment related arts. Her practice encompasses movement, ecology of place, walking arts and participatory events for both urban and rural contexts. Read more

Time Capsule

Time Capsule is a 24-hour intervention in which the zURBS team is located in the urban landscape engaging with passers-by and the environment, to create a time capsule that “captures” the 24 hrs of “here and now” of this particular place. See more

Five Square Kilometres, The Dark Peak

I was considering how walking and camping on my own could facilitate a closer relationship with an area that I was walking repeatedly since 2011 as a recreational walker and much more intensely as an artist since July 2014. My interest in the flora and fauna and the terrain through which I walk is important but for now remains more incidental to the final photographic documentation that I produce. See more

20 years of seeing with GPS: perspectives and future directions

King’s College, London, UK 12.06.20 | 09:30-17:30 To mark twenty years of GPS in the public realm, participants are invited to join for a one-day symposium to discuss, question and reflect upon how GPS has affected how we see the world. From our situated everyday experiences of navigation and self-tracking, to the wider ways in which the world can be seen from afar by us and digital technologies through trackable objects, practices and mapping interfaces, it is simple enough to propose that GPS has changed our relationship to the world. Artist Layla Curtis is a keynote speaker. Eventbrite booking – 20 years of seeing with GPS – this event is free to attend. Online event hosted by Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London.

Francisco Navarrete Sitja

Artist Francisco Navarrete Sitja is now part of the TSOEG network. Francisco Navarrete Sitja is a visual artist and researcher whose work specifically engages the relationship between representation, territory, nature and non-human materialities as manifested in multiple environments, from landscape to expectations in relation to identity. Read more

Layla Curtis

Artist Layla Curtis is now part of the TSOEG network. Layla Curtis is a British artist whose practice has a focus on place, landscape and mapping. Her multi-form work examines the attempts we make to chart the earth, how we locate ourselves, navigate space and represent terrain. She is concerned with how we map borders and boundaries, both real and metaphorical, to define territories and to establish a sense of place. Read more

Fixed Position

The further I went into a cave, the more disorientated I become. The blackness is so dense that you can’t see the edge of your own form. These ideas of ‘merging’ and ‘nowhere-ness’ have parallels with the project’s original attempts to describe the navigation of virtual space. See more

Walter van Broekhuizen

Artist Walter van Broekhuizen is now part of the TSOEG network. Using different mediums to remodel our perception of landscape, in miniature to life-sized works, I address our withdrawal from the wild; and how, despite it, we continue to listen to the vociferations of the wilderness we have abandoned. Read more


Espesuras (Thickets) is a series of views of the landscape from its own interior, where the abundant vegetation hides the horizon. It is an area covered in Aleppo pines, rosemary, thyme, wheat, oats, almond trees and poppies, among others. See more

Rêverie (‘Nhomiah)

For many years, I had a recurring dream: I’m walking in the mountains with my grandfather. The sky is cloudy, it is hot, it must be summer. The place is familiar, something tells me that I know the trails well. Suddenly in front of me opens a canyon, or what resembles me as the limit of the mountain. See more

Alice Pedroletti

Artist Alice Pedroletti is now part of the TSOEG network. Alice Pedroletti’s research investigates the relationship between artworks–viewers and archiving as an art practice, working on the multiple aspects of being and vision. The photographic medium, as well as the action of using or displaying it, is regularly challenged: a physical relationship emerges between photography and sculpture. The outcome takes different final forms – always concerning the problem of temporality, fragility, and matrix in both disciplines. Read more

Ludwig Berger

Artist Ludwig Berger is now part of the TSOEG network. Ludwig Berger is a sound artist and composer based in Milan and Zurich. In his compositions, installations and performances, he engages playfully in more-than-human worlds such as beehives, microphones, glaciers, infrastructures, wind, strings or trees. He has released various albums of field recordings, drones and microscopic improvisations and composes music and sound for film, theatre and radio. Read more

Enchanted Wood – exhibition

Three Colt Gallery, London, UK 05.03.20 – 28.03.20 | opens 04.03.20 18:00-21:00 The artist will be present on Saturday 14th, 21st and 28th March 12:00-15:00 The gallery is open Tuesday-Sunday 09:00-17:00 The exhibition of new paintings are inspired by the wooded landscapes of the Lake District in early spring. The canvases are developed from research undertaken with poet Sarah Corbett for the project ‘Dorothy’s Colour’ (2017). Walking the same paths as documented by Dorothy Wordsworth in her ‘Grasmere Journals’ the project explores ideas around walking women and landscape. Benbow’s recent oil paintings are subtle and precise in their use of colour and composition and play with painting processes to imply natural form. Her work aims to communicate a sense of visual awareness of place with the intention of making room in our view for a little reverie and magic! Read more

El tráfico de la Tierra – exhibition

Centro de Arte y Naturaleza, Fondación Beulas, Huesca, Spain 24.10.19 – 12.01.20 El tráfico de la Tierra is a collaboration between photographers Xavier Ribas and Ignacio Acosta and art historian Louise Purbrick. This research documents the movement of mineral wealth in Chile and its incorporation into global markets and European landscapes. Read more

Artists in the Field – exhibition

The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) 06.11.19 – 10.11.19 Artists in the Field. Curated by the Rabbit Island Foundation and Temporal School of Experimental Geography. Artists: Ruben Brulat, Luce Choules, Edwina fitzPatrick, Roseann Hanson, Laura Harrington, Emma Harry, Duy Hoáng, Alexandra Hughes, Alice Pedroletti, Andrew Ranville, Himali Singh Soin, somewhere-nowhere and Rhona Taylor. Event – Explore 2019 Part of the annual programme at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), London, UK.

David Ortiz Juan

Artist David Ortiz Juan is now part of the TSOEG network. David Ortiz Juan lives and works between México and Spain. He studied his masters at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam and was Professor at Lebanese American University in Beirut. He works from the creation of narratives focused on roaming, disappearance and displacement themes, often related to the landscape, exploring the links between the psychoesthetic experience and the combination of hybrid knowledge. Read more

Estudi d’un Camp

In contrast to the immensity of the landscape offered by the views of Farrera, I have proposed to focus on the small scale. For 10 days I have studied a pasture field, characteristic of this valley. The process is collected in a set of small installations that make up a personal interpretation of this place. See more

El Plantoceno

The name of Plantocene arises in opposition to the Anthropocene (recently differentiated geological epoch whose protagonist is the human being and its impacts on the planet). Considering the effects of photosynthesis in the composition of the planet, why do we not consider our planet from a Plantocene perspective, getting away from our traditional Anthropocenic view? See more

Performance Lecture – Luce Choules

Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), Kensington, London, UK 10.11.19  |  14:30 Luce Choules presents a live performance lecture ‘The Glacier and the Rock’ using voice and projected imagery. The artist will take the audience on a poetic journey to the high features of Alpine France. Made during a decade-long study in the Haute-Savoie, this mesmerising work explores art and ecology, environmental change and the contemporary wilderness. This work is shown as part of ‘Explore 2019’ organised by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Read more

Ask Somerset’s Plants

Ask Somerset’s Plants brought the knowledge of local flora to bear on everyday human problems and dilemmas. The project was steered by the questions that Somerset audiences posed. Not questions about nature or plants, as you might expect, but about people’s own lives and human society, questions that varied from the political and societal to the deeply personal. See more

Artists in the Field – panel discussion

The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) November 2019 Explore is the Society’s annual fieldwork and expedition planning weekend at the Society’s headquarters in London. With over 100 leading field scientists and explorers, make sure to book your place to gain inspiration, advice and contacts for your own field research project or expedition. The emphasis is on small projects with a research component but anyone planning overseas expeditions or fieldwork is welcome – regardless of age or experience. Explore brings together a range of expedition professionals, scientists and travellers, with experience from all over the world, to help you get the most out of your journey. Chaired by artist Andrew Ranville, artists Edwina fitzPatrick, Alice Pedroletti, Feral Practice and somewhere-nowhere are hosting a TSOEG panel discussion on Sunday 10 Nov 2019, 3-4.30pm: Artists in the Field: engaging audiences in art, science, and adventure Event – Explore 2019 Part of the annual programme at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), London, UK. This year, Explore is hosting the Artists in the Field exhibition


Artist somewhere-nowhere is now part of the TSOEG network. somewhere-nowhere is the collaborative practice of writer Harriet Fraser and photographer Rob Fraser. Through prose, poetry, photography and site-specific installations, which are often ephemeral, they invite conversations about the relationships between humans and the environments we inhabit and alter. Read more

Feral Practice

Artist Feral Practice is now part of the TSOEG network. Fiona MacDonald works with human and nonhuman beings as Feral Practice to create art projects and interdisciplinary events that develop ethical and imaginative connection across species boundaries. Their research draws on artistic, scientific and subjective knowledge practices to explore diverse aesthetics and create suggestive spaces of not knowing nature. Read more

Tales From the Crust – exhibition

Arts Catalyst, London, UK 26.09.19 – 14.12.19 | opens 25.09.19 18:30-20:30 Building on ongoing research into extractive activities in Chile and Swedish Sábme, Tales from the Crust presents existing and new work by Chilean artist Ignacio Acosta, comprising documents, films, photographs, maps and objects. Read more

Forest Flaneur – workshop

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France 11.09.19 – 12.09.19 Introduction, visual/tactile walks and creative expression (day one) 13:00-19:00 Tactile walk, creative expression and informal performance (day two) 09:00-17:00 Forest Flaneur is a workshop programme exploring the impact of tactile perception on the artist’s process. This workshop is led by Rosalinda Ruiz-Scarfuto. Read more

Immaterial Fields – workshop

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France 09.09.19 – 11.09.19 Performing Duration: deep listening (day one) 09:00-17:00 Performing Duration: slow actions (day two) 09:00-17:00 Fieldworkings: weathering writing (day three) 09:00-12:00 Immaterial Fields is a workshop programme exploring gravity, motion and stillness. This workshop is led by Luce Choules. Read more

Paula Bruna

Artist Paula Bruna is now part of the TSOEG network. Paula Bruna’s artistic research is framed in the study of the ecological conflicts of contemporary societies. Taking concepts of political ecology and ecological economy as a reference, she is interested in the struggle of forces between a socioeconomic system based on continuous growth and the finite nature of the environment. Read more

Residency – Oatmeal Creek 2019

Oatmeal Creek, USA new residency programme 2019 After his time in San Antonio, Andrew Ranville will be heading 40 miles northwest of Austin to help establish a new residency program. The 250 acres of conserved land where native grasses are being replanted will become fertile ground for writers and poets. He has the honour of consulting on the project to help bring it into being, and will also be the first writer-in-residence. Read more

Itinerant Actions – workshop and symposium

Hangar, Barcelona, Spain 27.03.19 Itinerant Actions: recording and broadcasting workshop 11:00-13:00 During the workshop, the erosion and disintegration of Earth systems and collapsing structures in the natural and built environment will be discussed. This workshop is led by Luce Choules. Read more Itinerant Actions: data and dialogues symposium 19:00-21:00 The Paratext symposium will be chaired by Lala Thorpe, cultural producer (London, UK). Following presentations by Patricia Dauder, Paula Bruna, David Ortiz Juan and Luce Choules, a round-table discussion will be opened up to examine artistic practice in the landscape, reflecting on the ways artists are redefining the geographic narratives of place, site and encounter through memory, traces and sensory recordings. Responding to ideas of embodied knowledge, ecological economies, roaming landscapes and territory, the discussion will consider the role of fieldwork in contemporary arts practice. Marta Gracia, Head of Research at Hangar, will be an observer for the Paratext symposium, documenting the event through writing. Read more

Instant Vista – exhibition and artist talk

PLAYhouse Gallery, San Antonio, Texas, USA 23.03.19 – 07.04.19 | opens 23.03.19 12:00-17:00 Instant Vista, is an exhibition of Andrew Ranville‘s Polaroid photographs. The venue has a unique history… and scale. It is a miniature house built specially for the daughter of the former owner of the adjacent mansion. Only two or three visitors can enter the gallery at a time, but the intimate space will showcase a large number of unique Polaroids — each a small window into wide open landscapes documenting explorations throughout the western United States and further afield. Artist talk Thursday, 21.03.19, 12:30-13:30 Andrew Ranville plans to cover a wide variety of topics including the artist’s relationship with/responsibilities in the landscape, interdisciplinary fieldwork, and conservation. Questions and discussion will follow. The event is open to the public. Please feel free to come by and/or invite friends who may be in the area. Venue: Trinity University, Department of Art & Art History, Dicke Art/Smith Music Building, One Trinity Place, San Antonio, TX 78212

Copper Geographies – book

Editorial RM – publisher Ignacio Acosta‘s ‘Copper Geographies’ invites the viewer on a journey of copper from raw material through stock market exchange value, smelted commodity, capital wealth and recycled material. From the transformed landscapes of the Atacama Desert through a re-imagined voyage to Wales and the City of London, the project documents spaces of circulation, environmental disruption, protest and trade, and makes visible the return of the copper hidden within technological devices to its geographical origins. It includes six written contributions by curators, historians and poets; Andrés Anwandter, Marta Dahó, Tehmina Goskar, Tony Lopez, Louise Purbrick and Frank Vicencio López. Read more

Esparto: new ground – exhibition

Fundación Pedro Cano, Blanca, Murcia, Spain 02.02.19 – 17.03.19 ‘Esparto: new ground’. Сurators: Luce Choules and Victória Rabal. Artists: Lorena Álvarez, Pedro Cano, Yamandú Canosa, Luce Choules, Ramon Enrich, Rob and Harriet Fraser, Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar, Laura Harrington, Sigrid Holmwood, E. Jackson, Anna Macleod, Melissa Marks, Pedro Ortuño, Victória Rabal, Corinne Silva, and Noemí Yepes. Read more

Research Residency – Luce Choules

Hangar, Barcelona, Spain 04.02.19 – 02.04.19 Luce Choules has been selected as the ‘Encura 3’ researcher in residence with Hangar Barcelona, Curators Network Spain and ARCO Madrid. She will be making a documentary film work ‘Itinerant Actions’ exploring environmental resistance through a fieldwork programme developed with Hangar, two resident artists, and cultural agents in Barcelona, Murcia and Madrid. In March 2019 as part of the ‘Paratext’ programme at Hangar, she will deliver a symposium highlighting fieldwork in arts practice (TSOEG), and the performance lecture ‘Estudio de Campo’. Hangar is a centre for art research and production, offering support to artists. Hangar’s mission is to support visual artists and creators during different phases of their art production processes as well as to contribute to the best development of their projects. In doing so, Hangar provides equipment, facilities, production assistance and a suitable context for experimentation and free knowledge transfer. The centre offers an array of services and a framework that allows for the research and development of art productions in their entirety, or partially. Hangar follows …

Residency – Rabbit Island 2019

Rabbit Island, USA applications close 15.02.19 [11:59pm EST] We are excited to announce our call for applications for the Rabbit Island Residency program and a new residency specifically for a choreographer and composer, created in collaboration with the Rozsa Center for Performing Arts. Approximately three to four supported residencies are awarded per summer period (mid-June until late-September). Accommodation is provided. Selected applicants will receive an unrestricted honorarium which they may use to facilitate research, cover travel expenses, materials, and more. Read more

Crossed Paths – book

Edgework – online shop Miranda Whall’s book provides a document of the interdisciplinary Crossed Paths project and was published to coincide with Whall’s solo exhibition at Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, UK. It includes an introductory text by Simon Whitehead, photographs by Hannah Mann, Rhys Thwaites-Jones and Miranda Whall, poems by Zoe Skoulding, text by Phil Smith, map drawings by Miranda Whall, plant drawings by the Whall family and plant information by Mariecia Fraser. Read more

Performance Lecture – Luce Choules

Thoresby College, Queen Street, King’s Lynn, UK 30.11.18 | 3.30-4.15pm (‘Theories of the Earth’ study day event runs 10.30am-4.30pm) Luce Choules presents a live performance lecture ‘The Glacier and the Rock’ using spoken word, projected imagery and literary readings. The artist will take the audience on a poetic journey to the high features of Alpine France. Made during a decade-long study in the Haute-Savoie, this mesmerising work explores art and ecology, environmental change and the contemporary wilderness. This work is shown as part of the ‘Theories of the Earth’ study day organised by Groundwork Gallery to explore the interactions between history, science and artistic practice. “What are theories of the earth? What do all the terms mean? Is theory useful? What is relationship between theory and practice? A number of experts involved in disciplines relevant to Theories of the Earth – art, science and environment – will talk to us about theory and how it relates to practice.” Presenters include: Bergit Arends, Wayne Binitie, Flora Bowden, Luce Choules, Tim Holt-Wilson, and Professor Colin Waters. Read …

The Archive of the Trees – exhibition

Fineshade Wood, UK (postcode NN17 3BB) 15.09.18 – 15.12.18 The exhibition ‘The Archive of the Trees’, by artist Edwina fitzPatrick, in the newly refurbished Arches space at Fineshade Wood  features two-sided vertical prints, which reveal both the bark and the insides of the cored trees. Read more

Performance Lecture – Luce Choules

Saffron Screen Community Cinema, Saffron Walden, UK 09.09.18 | 5-6.30pm Luce Choules presents a live performance event ‘The Lake and the Island’ using spoken word, projected imagery and literary readings. The artist will take the audience on a poetic journey to a remote island in Lake Superior USA. Read more Rabbit Island Foundation – website The content for this performance lecture was developed during a month-long supported solo residency on Rabbit Island USA in 2016. It was originally delivered during the opening week of the Rabbit Island Residents 2016 exhibition at the DeVos Art Museum, Michigan USA, in 2017.

Artist talk – Edwina fitzPatrick

Fineshade Wood, UK 10.07.18 | 7-8.30pm As part of her art project ‘the archive of the trees’ situated in Fineshade Wood, Edwina will be speaking about our perceptions about the weather and climate change with Asher Minns, Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. Read more The Forest is the Museum – Fermynwoods This is the first of four Arts Council England funded The Forest is the Museum art projects in Fineshade Wood. Commissioned by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art working with the Central England Forest District. The event is free, but you need to book.

Gonzaga Gomez-Cortazar

Artist Gonzaga Gomez-Cortazar is now part of the TSOEG network. Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar is a Spanish artist working with photography and film. His practice is primarily concerned with the relationship between natural light and the fugacity of time. He focuses on landscapes, spaces and objects associated with daily life. Sunlight – whether direct or reflected – makes his subjects emerge from the shadows. Read more

Esparto: new ground – exhibition

Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades, Barcelona, Spain 17.06.18 – 09.09.18 ‘Esparto: new ground’. Сurators: Luce Choules and Victória Rabal. Artists: Lorena Álvarez, Pedro Cano, Yamandú Canosa, Luce Choules, Ramon Enrich, Rob and Harriet Fraser, Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar, Laura Harrington, Sigrid Holmwood, E. Jackson, Anna Macleod, Melissa Marks, Pedro Ortuño, Corinne Silva, and Noemí Yepes. Read more

NEW:DEFENCE – pop up exhibition

Coalhouse Fort, Tilbury, Essex, UK   28.04.18 | 11:00-16:00 Nine artists, including several who are connected to or work in the locality, working across photography, sculpture, installation, film and sound, will show works which relate to the theme of defence, including the site itself or in response to the fort’s rich archive of objects, documents and photographs, housed in Thurrock Museum, Grays. Read more Exhibiting artists: Tom Brannigan, Victoria Coster, Felicity Hammond, Laurynas Karmalavicius, Corinne Silva, Dafna Talmor, Alastair Thain, Michael Whelan and Samuel Zealey. Gemma Padley, NEW:DEFENCE curator, explains: “The exhibition explores the parallel between the shifting nature of the fort (opening itself up to new possibilities), and what it means to be an artist – to let one’s guard down to make meaningful work.” Read more Following on from the Heritage Lottery Fund supported exhibition, there will be a summer of artist residencies, talks and educational workshops taking place at Coalhouse Fort supported by Arts Council England.

Assembly – live event & symposium

Baltic 39 April 2018 Assembly, is a performative symposium and live event. The project privileges practice and co-actions with material to counteract the tendency of theorists to evolve critical discourse away from the affective qualities of materials. With cross-disciplinary contributions coming from a cultural geographer, art historian, curator, dancer, musicians and fine artists, the hope is to open a space for critical reflection on the material encounter of the photographic object in the wider social and cultural sensorium. Artist Alexandra Hughes is organising both events for the project ‘Assembly’. Contributors include: Ben Anderson, Dawn Bothwell, Luce Choules, Fiona Crisp, Material Chorus (Ditte Goard), Carol Mavor, Tim Rubidge and James Watts For the symposium, artist Luce Choules is presenting the performance lecture: A Journey Through Fieldwork Live Event 26.04.18 and Symposium 27.04.18 – Baltic 39 This project has been funded by Cohort Development Fund from Northumbria-Sunderland AHRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Art and Design. Spaces are limited.

Flora Parrott

Artist Flora Parrott is now part of the TSOEG network. Flora Parrott’s work is drawn from a compulsion to explain a state of being, a state that is always evolving and changing. The work is made and displayed to understand and dissect these experiences; to clarify, examine and pin down sensations. In works where printmaking, performance, film and sculpture converge, instinctively chosen images and objects are arranged in a way that articulates a physical experience. Read more

Liquid Land – exhibition

Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK 05.04.18 – 21.04.18 ‘Liquid Land’. Co-curated by Rosanna Greaves and Harriet Loffler. Artists: Cornford & Cross, Georgie Grace, Rosanna Greaves, Alexandra Hughes, Reece Jones, Lotte Scott, Wilf Speller and Sally Stenton. Read more

Documents, Alternatives 3 – exhibition

BSAD, Bath Spa University, UK 20.04.18 – 11.05.18 ‘Documents, Alternatives 3’. Сurator: Angela Bartram. Artists: Angela Bartram, Andrew Bracey, Brazier + Free, Luce Choules, Emma Cocker & Clare Thornton, Kate Corder, Steve Dutton, Tim Etchells, Rochelle Haley, Morrad + McArthur, Andy Pepper, and Louise K. Wilson. Read more