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Forest Flaneur – workshop

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France 11.09.19 – 12.09.19 Introduction, visual/tactile walks and creative expression (day one) 13:00-19:00 Tactile walk, creative expression and informal performance (day two) 09:00-17:00 Forest Flaneur is a workshop programme exploring the impact of tactile perception on the artist’s process. This workshop is led by Rosalinda Ruiz-Scarfuto. Read more

Immaterial Fields – workshop

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France 09.09.19 – 11.09.19 Performing Duration: deep listening (day one) 09:00-17:00 Performing Duration: slow actions (day two) 09:00-17:00 Fieldworkings: weathering writing (day three) 09:00-12:00 Immaterial Fields is a workshop programme exploring gravity, motion and stillness. This workshop is led by Luce Choules. Read more

Paula Bruna

Artist Paula Bruna is now part of the TSOEG network. Paula Bruna’s artistic research is framed in the study of the ecological conflicts of contemporary societies. Taking concepts of political ecology and ecological economy as a reference, she is interested in the struggle of forces between a socioeconomic system based on continuous growth and the finite nature of the environment. Read more

Residency – Oatmeal Creek 2019

Oatmeal Creek, USA new residency programme 2019 After his time in San Antonio, Andrew Ranville will be heading 40 miles northwest of Austin to help establish a new residency program. The 250 acres of conserved land where native grasses are being replanted will become fertile ground for writers and poets. He has the honour of consulting on the project to help bring it into being, and will also be the first writer-in-residence. Read more

Itinerant Actions – workshop and symposium

Hangar, Barcelona, Spain 27.03.19 Itinerant Actions: recording and broadcasting workshop 11:00-13:00 During the workshop, the erosion and disintegration of Earth systems and collapsing structures in the natural and built environment will be discussed. This workshop is led by Luce Choules. Read more Itinerant Actions: data and dialogues symposium 19:00-21:00 The Paratext symposium will be chaired by Lala Thorpe, cultural producer (London, UK). Following presentations by Patricia Dauder, Paula Bruna, David Ortiz Juan and Luce Choules, a round-table discussion will be opened up to examine artistic practice in the landscape, reflecting on the ways artists are redefining the geographic narratives of place, site and encounter through memory, traces and sensory recordings. Responding to ideas of embodied knowledge, ecological economies, roaming landscapes and territory, the discussion will consider the role of fieldwork in contemporary arts practice. Marta Gracia, Head of Research at Hangar, will be an observer for the Paratext symposium, documenting the event through writing. Read more

Instant Vista – exhibition and artist talk

PLAYhouse Gallery, San Antonio, Texas, USA 23.03.19 – 07.04.19 | opens 23.03.19 12:00-17:00 Instant Vista, is an exhibition of Andrew Ranville‘s Polaroid photographs. The venue has a unique history… and scale. It is a miniature house built specially for the daughter of the former owner of the adjacent mansion. Only two or three visitors can enter the gallery at a time, but the intimate space will showcase a large number of unique Polaroids — each a small window into wide open landscapes documenting explorations throughout the western United States and further afield. Artist talk Thursday, 21.03.19, 12:30-13:30 Andrew Ranville plans to cover a wide variety of topics including the artist’s relationship with/responsibilities in the landscape, interdisciplinary fieldwork, and conservation. Questions and discussion will follow. The event is open to the public. Please feel free to come by and/or invite friends who may be in the area. Venue: Trinity University, Department of Art & Art History, Dicke Art/Smith Music Building, One Trinity Place, San Antonio, TX 78212

Copper Geographies – book

Editorial RM – publisher Ignacio Acosta‘s ‘Copper Geographies’ invites the viewer on a journey of copper from raw material through stock market exchange value, smelted commodity, capital wealth and recycled material. From the transformed landscapes of the Atacama Desert through a re-imagined voyage to Wales and the City of London, the project documents spaces of circulation, environmental disruption, protest and trade, and makes visible the return of the copper hidden within technological devices to its geographical origins. It includes six written contributions by curators, historians and poets; Andrés Anwandter, Marta Dahó, Tehmina Goskar, Tony Lopez, Louise Purbrick and Frank Vicencio López. Read more

Esparto: new ground – exhibition

Fundación Pedro Cano, Blanca, Murcia, Spain 02.02.19 – 17.03.19 ‘Esparto: new ground’. Сurators: Luce Choules and Victória Rabal. Artists: Lorena Álvarez, Pedro Cano, Yamandú Canosa, Luce Choules, Ramon Enrich, Rob and Harriet Fraser, Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar, Laura Harrington, Sigrid Holmwood, E. Jackson, Anna Macleod, Melissa Marks, Pedro Ortuño, Victória Rabal, Corinne Silva, and Noemí Yepes. Read more

Research Residency – Luce Choules

Hangar, Barcelona, Spain 04.02.19 – 02.04.19 Luce Choules has been selected as the ‘Encura 3’ researcher in residence with Hangar Barcelona, Curators Network Spain and ARCO Madrid. She will be making a documentary film work ‘Itinerant Actions’ exploring environmental resistance through a fieldwork programme developed with Hangar, two resident artists, and cultural agents in Barcelona, Murcia and Madrid. In March 2019 as part of the ‘Paratext’ programme at Hangar, she will deliver a symposium highlighting fieldwork in arts practice (TSOEG), and the performance lecture ‘Estudio de Campo’. Hangar is a centre for art research and production, offering support to artists. Hangar’s mission is to support visual artists and creators during different phases of their art production processes as well as to contribute to the best development of their projects. In doing so, Hangar provides equipment, facilities, production assistance and a suitable context for experimentation and free knowledge transfer. The centre offers an array of services and a framework that allows for the research and development of art productions in their entirety, or partially. Hangar follows …

Residency – Rabbit Island 2019

Rabbit Island, USA applications close 15.02.19 [11:59pm EST] We are excited to announce our call for applications for the Rabbit Island Residency program and a new residency specifically for a choreographer and composer, created in collaboration with the Rozsa Center for Performing Arts. Approximately three to four supported residencies are awarded per summer period (mid-June until late-September). Accommodation is provided. Selected applicants will receive an unrestricted honorarium which they may use to facilitate research, cover travel expenses, materials, and more. Read more

Crossed Paths – book

Edgework – online shop Miranda Whall’s book provides a document of the interdisciplinary Crossed Paths project and was published to coincide with Whall’s solo exhibition at Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, UK. It includes an introductory text by Simon Whitehead, photographs by Hannah Mann, Rhys Thwaites-Jones and Miranda Whall, poems by Zoe Skoulding, text by Phil Smith, map drawings by Miranda Whall, plant drawings by the Whall family and plant information by Mariecia Fraser. Read more

Performance Lecture – Luce Choules

Thoresby College, Queen Street, King’s Lynn, UK 30.11.18 | 3.30-4.15pm (‘Theories of the Earth’ study day event runs 10.30am-4.30pm) Luce Choules presents a live performance lecture ‘The Glacier and the Rock’ using spoken word, projected imagery and literary readings. The artist will take the audience on a poetic journey to the high features of Alpine France. Made during a decade-long study in the Haute-Savoie, this mesmerising work explores art and ecology, environmental change and the contemporary wilderness. This work is shown as part of the ‘Theories of the Earth’ study day organised by Groundwork Gallery to explore the interactions between history, science and artistic practice. “What are theories of the earth? What do all the terms mean? Is theory useful? What is relationship between theory and practice? A number of experts involved in disciplines relevant to Theories of the Earth – art, science and environment – will talk to us about theory and how it relates to practice.” Presenters include: Bergit Arends, Wayne Binitie, Flora Bowden, Luce Choules, Tim Holt-Wilson, and Professor Colin Waters. Read …

The Archive of the Trees – exhibition

Fineshade Wood, UK (postcode NN17 3BB) 15.09.18 – 15.12.18 The exhibition ‘The Archive of the Trees’, by artist Edwina fitzPatrick, in the newly refurbished Arches space at Fineshade Wood  features two-sided vertical prints, which reveal both the bark and the insides of the cored trees. Read more

Performance Lecture – Luce Choules

Saffron Screen Community Cinema, Saffron Walden, UK 09.09.18 | 5-6.30pm Luce Choules presents a live performance event ‘The Lake and the Island’ using spoken word, projected imagery and literary readings. The artist will take the audience on a poetic journey to a remote island in Lake Superior USA. Read more Rabbit Island Foundation – website The content for this performance lecture was developed during a month-long supported solo residency on Rabbit Island USA in 2016. It was originally delivered during the opening week of the Rabbit Island Residents 2016 exhibition at the DeVos Art Museum, Michigan USA, in 2017.

Artist talk – Edwina fitzPatrick

Fineshade Wood, UK 10.07.18 | 7-8.30pm As part of her art project ‘the archive of the trees’ situated in Fineshade Wood, Edwina will be speaking about our perceptions about the weather and climate change with Asher Minns, Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. Read more The Forest is the Museum – Fermynwoods This is the first of four Arts Council England funded The Forest is the Museum art projects in Fineshade Wood. Commissioned by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art working with the Central England Forest District. The event is free, but you need to book.

Gonzaga Gomez-Cortazar

Artist Gonzaga Gomez-Cortazar is now part of the TSOEG network. Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar is a Spanish artist working with photography and film. His practice is primarily concerned with the relationship between natural light and the fugacity of time. He focuses on landscapes, spaces and objects associated with daily life. Sunlight – whether direct or reflected – makes his subjects emerge from the shadows. Read more

Esparto: new ground – exhibition

Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades, Barcelona, Spain 17.06.18 – 09.09.18 ‘Esparto: new ground’. Сurators: Luce Choules and Victória Rabal. Artists: Lorena Álvarez, Pedro Cano, Yamandú Canosa, Luce Choules, Ramon Enrich, Rob and Harriet Fraser, Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar, Laura Harrington, Sigrid Holmwood, E. Jackson, Anna Macleod, Melissa Marks, Pedro Ortuño, Corinne Silva, and Noemí Yepes. Read more

NEW:DEFENCE – pop up exhibition

Coalhouse Fort, Tilbury, Essex, UK   28.04.18 | 11:00-16:00 Nine artists, including several who are connected to or work in the locality, working across photography, sculpture, installation, film and sound, will show works which relate to the theme of defence, including the site itself or in response to the fort’s rich archive of objects, documents and photographs, housed in Thurrock Museum, Grays. Read more Exhibiting artists: Tom Brannigan, Victoria Coster, Felicity Hammond, Laurynas Karmalavicius, Corinne Silva, Dafna Talmor, Alastair Thain, Michael Whelan and Samuel Zealey. Gemma Padley, NEW:DEFENCE curator, explains: “The exhibition explores the parallel between the shifting nature of the fort (opening itself up to new possibilities), and what it means to be an artist – to let one’s guard down to make meaningful work.” Read more Following on from the Heritage Lottery Fund supported exhibition, there will be a summer of artist residencies, talks and educational workshops taking place at Coalhouse Fort supported by Arts Council England.

Assembly – live event & symposium

Baltic 39 April 2018 Assembly, is a performative symposium and live event. The project privileges practice and co-actions with material to counteract the tendency of theorists to evolve critical discourse away from the affective qualities of materials. With cross-disciplinary contributions coming from a cultural geographer, art historian, curator, dancer, musicians and fine artists, the hope is to open a space for critical reflection on the material encounter of the photographic object in the wider social and cultural sensorium. Artist Alexandra Hughes is organising both events for the project ‘Assembly’. Contributors include: Ben Anderson, Dawn Bothwell, Luce Choules, Fiona Crisp, Material Chorus (Ditte Goard), Carol Mavor, Tim Rubidge and James Watts For the symposium, artist Luce Choules is presenting the performance lecture: A Journey Through Fieldwork Live Event 26.04.18 and Symposium 27.04.18 – Baltic 39 This project has been funded by Cohort Development Fund from Northumbria-Sunderland AHRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Art and Design. Spaces are limited.

Flora Parrott

Artist Flora Parrott is now part of the TSOEG network. Flora Parrott’s work is drawn from a compulsion to explain a state of being, a state that is always evolving and changing. The work is made and displayed to understand and dissect these experiences; to clarify, examine and pin down sensations. In works where printmaking, performance, film and sculpture converge, instinctively chosen images and objects are arranged in a way that articulates a physical experience. Read more

Liquid Land – exhibition

Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK 05.04.18 – 21.04.18 ‘Liquid Land’. Co-curated by Rosanna Greaves and Harriet Loffler. Artists: Cornford & Cross, Georgie Grace, Rosanna Greaves, Alexandra Hughes, Reece Jones, Lotte Scott, Wilf Speller and Sally Stenton. Read more

Documents, Alternatives 3 – exhibition

BSAD, Bath Spa University, UK 20.04.18 – 11.05.18 ‘Documents, Alternatives 3’. Сurator: Angela Bartram. Artists: Angela Bartram, Andrew Bracey, Brazier + Free, Luce Choules, Emma Cocker & Clare Thornton, Kate Corder, Steve Dutton, Tim Etchells, Rochelle Haley, Morrad + McArthur, Andy Pepper, and Louise K. Wilson. Read more

Alexandra Hughes

Artist Alexandra Hughes is now part of the TSOEG network. In contemplating our contemporary epoch and the complexities of human experiences, I am thinking about how ‘wildness’ can be experienced? Taking the idea of the ‘wild’ as something beyond the structures we inhabit and that inhabit us, in which the encounter ultimately heightens and transforms our human perception, bodily and emotional response, creating new meanings on our relationship to the world and the unknown future, beyond. Read more

MECA II – symposium

MACBA | Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona   February 2018 Mutating Ecologies in Contemporary Art: Matter, Ethics and Subjectivity seeks to deepen on the value and the effectiveness of the philosophical tradition of vital materialism as a non-dualist model of political ecology that enables ways to imagine alternative forms of relation and political action. We will work departing from the elements that define its ethical-political project: the situated knowledge, the historicity of the body, and the question of the affects. Artist Ignacio Acosta is presenting: Drones and Drums. Resistance, the final frontier Symposium 21.02.18 – AGI in partnership with MACBA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Meier Auditorium, Plaça Joan Coromines, 08001 Barcelona.

Into the Woods – exhibition

V&A, London, UK   show runs until 22.04.18 Trees have long been a source of inspiration for artists. They can evoke a primal sense of wonder and the strong patterns of their branches, bark and leaves consistently offer visually arresting subjects. This display explores the diverse representation of trees in photography, with works by 40 photographers, including Paul Strand, Robert Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson. In 2017, the V&A acquired new work from Veronique Rolland to be part of this exhibition. Read more

Edwina fitzPatrick

Artist Edwina fitzPatrick is now part of the TSOEG network. Edwina is a UK based artist, whose work explores the living environment, especially in regard to mutability and change. The artworks explore what happens when ‘grey’ (architectural); ‘green’ (parks/forests/landscapes/growing spaces) and ‘blue’ (oceans/rivers/canals) environments intersect. They focus on how humans have, and are affecting the nature, culture and ecology of a place. Read more

Crossed Paths – exhibition

Oriel Davies, Newtown, Wales   21.04.18 – 13.06.18 Crossed Paths comprises three projects by Aberystwyth-based artist Miranda Whall, occurring between 2017 and 2021 in Wales, Scotland and France. These bring together film, performance and the body in motion, mountain and upland ecology: each project telling a story of a mountain from a different perspective. Oriel Davies presents the Welsh component in an immersive multi-media installation and contextual exhibition that offers a non-representational and ecological response to an area within the Cambrian Mountains, West Wales. Read more

Documents, Alternatives 2 – exhibition

Verge Gallery, University of Sydney, Australia   18.01.18 – 24.02.18 ‘Documents, Alternatives 2’. Сurator: Angela Bartram. Artists: Angela Bartram, Andrew Bracey, Brazier + Free, Luce Choules, Emma Cocker & Clare Thornton, Kate Corder, Steve Dutton, Tim Etchells, Rochelle Haley, Morrad + McArthur, Andy Pepper, and Louise K. Wilson. Read more

Residency – Rabbit Island 2018

Rabbit Island, USA   applications close 28.01.18 Each year our residents receive funding to live and work on Rabbit Island amongst the forest, rocks, and wildlife; and the vast waters of Lake Superior that surround it. In addition to a generous honoraria, artists may be invited to participate in our annual exhibition, event series, and publication, presented in partnership with the DeVos Art Museum in Marquette, Michigan. Read more

Metageography – exhibition

Pushkin House, 5a Bloomsbury Square, London   07.09.17 – 11.10.17 ‘Metageography. Space – Image – Action’. Сurators: Nikolay Smirnov, Kirill Svetlyakov. Co-curator in London: Olga Jürgenson. Scientific Consultant: Dmitry Zamyatin. Artists: Nadezhda Anfalova, Egor Astapchenko, Elena Berg, Irina Filatova, Dima Filippov, Lucy Harris, Valery Klamm, Kollectivnye Deystviya (Collective Actions), Ikuru Kuvadzhima, Ekaterina Lazareva, Mikhail Maksimov, Idit Elia Nathan, Egor Plotnikov, Boris Rodoman, Kirill Savchenkov, Max Sher, Corinne Silva, Evgeny Strelkov, Up! Community, Dmitry Venkov, Dmitry Zamyatin. Read more


It is currently estimated that 2.5 million tons of waste marble is generated every year in the Carrara marble quarries in the Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy. Presently much of this waste is transported and transformed into a fine marble dust and exported for use in beauty and cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, milk and building materials. See more

Artist talk – Andrew Ranville

Import Projects, Berlin   12.04.17 | 8pm During the evening Andrew will present his projects and research concerning the artist’s role in our new ecological reality, the mutability of geopolitical borders, global community and individual sovereignty amidst the rise of populist thought, and how to drink water from the bottom of a lake without drowning. Read more

Deixis (Part 1)

Mizoomi Gallery, London, UK   Preview evening: Thursday 02.03.17, 18:30-21:30 Multi-disciplinary artist, lecturer and course leader in Creative Arts Miranda Whall will present the series of three ‘Untitled, Birds on my head’ and one of a series of ‘Lace Drawings’ in the group show Deixis (Part 1) at Mizoomi Gallery. Whall’s drawings present fantasy scenarios where the artist attempts to equally co-exist with objects, architecture, materials, living creatures etc to make humorous, unlikely and uncanny scenarios. Whall’s fictions play out extremely personal, exhibitionist and explicit representations of herself in order to explore the (in)appropriateness and (mis)placed multiple and simultaneous dimensions of being a contemporary human being. The Mizoomi gallery, with a focus on encouraging the exposure of international contemporary artists, presents Deixis (part 1). In linguistics deixis refers to words or phrases that cannot be fully understood without additional contextual information. The exhibition includes a representation of five internationally exhibited and published artists. MIZOOMI GALLERY, 168 FULHAM ROAD, LONDON SW10 9PR.

Artists in the Field – panel discussion

The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)   November 2016 Explore is the Society’s annual fieldwork and expedition planning weekend at the Society’s headquarters in London. With over 90 leading field scientists and explorers, make sure to book your place to gain inspiration, advice and contacts for your own field research project or expedition. The emphasis is on small projects with a research component but anyone planning overseas expeditions or fieldwork is welcome – regardless of age or experience. Explore brings together a range of expedition professionals, scientists and travellers, with experience from all over the world, to help you get the most out of your journey. Artists Luce Choules, Andrew Ranville, Corinne Silva, Anna Macleod and Miranda Whall, are hosting a TSOEG panel discussion on Sunday 20 Nov 2016, 3-4.30pm: Artists in the Field: engaging audiences in art, science, and adventure! Event – Explore 2016 Part of the annual programme at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), London, UK. This year, Explore is celebrating its 40th anniversary!

Cecilie Sachs Olsen

Artist Cecilie Sachs Olsen is now part of the TSOEG network. Cecilie Sachs Olsen is initiator and member of the art collective, zURBS. The aim is to offer a mode of critique through a participatory and collective fantasy that focus on a “transgressive” imagination that questions aspects of the present by moving beyond the set limits and into the realm of the not yet set. Read more

The Liveliest of Elements, an Ordinary Extraordinary Material

The Liveliest of Elements, an Ordinary Extraordinary Material is an exhibition of work formed from an elongated period of research into upland peat landscapes. Specifically Moss Flats, a bare peat flatland, approximately 50 miles west of Newcastle upon Tyne in the North Pennines, a landscape that gave Harrington an insight into the substance of peat as a dynamic and changeable material. See more

Residency – Rabbit Island 2017

Rabbit Island, USA   applications close 14.10.16 Become part of the story that resonates far beyond the shores of one small island. We are looking for artists from all disciplines to immerse themselves in this unique, remote wilderness located in Lake Superior. Awarded residents receive a generous honoraria to cover travel, materials, and other expenses, as well as a catalogue publication and exhibition at the DeVos Art Museum in Marquette, Michigan. Read more


Stavali, Hardangervidda Nationalpark, Norway   July and August 2016 ‘Absens’ is a new body of work combining sound and installation at the former outfarm Stavali, Hardangervidda Nationalpark by Frauke Materlik (artist and landscape architect) and Stephen Crowe (composer). ‘Absens’ highlights the changes in nature, landscape and their resultant impact on society. Read more

A Cartography of Fantasia

A Cartography of Fantasia is a 2-screen video installation that examines relationships between imagination, financial speculation, and the technologies our human species use to transform the ecology of this planet. See more

Zoe Benbow

Artist Zoe Benbow is now part of the TSOEG network. Zoe Benbow’s paintings aim to communicate a sense of awe and enjoyment in landscape, as a means of questioning our cultural construct of wilderness and our relationship to the natural world. Read more


Transition, surface and chromatic shift – a ploughed field in the landscape was the focus of observation. Using colour notation and spatial plans the observed field is transposed into an artwork to make a new place of encounter. See more

London Art Fair workshop

London Art Fair – project space   January 2016 London Art Fair is the UK’s premier Modern British and contemporary art Fair. The 28th edition of the Fair takes place at the Business Design Centre in Islington. A field mapping workshop led by artist Luce Choules, geologist Sophy Crosby (GeoFun UK) and artist educator Lala Thorpe, hosted in partnership with London Art Fair and Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art. Event – London Art Fair Part of the LAF talks and events programme, and in response to the exhibition by artist Julian Charrière at Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, London, UK.

STRATA – symposium

Aberystwyth Arts Centre   January 2016 A day of talks, films and discussions by academics and practitioners on the theme of art-science collaborations in the Anthropocene, a proposed new geological time interval that suggests that humans are now the dominant influence shaping the Earth system. Are human activities such as agriculture, mining and urbanisation leaving distinctive ‘footprints’ in the Earth’s strata that will endure into the future and so enter the long-term geological record? What are the creative responses to such propositions? Artist Luce Choules is presenting a research poster: Guide74: a mountain recording activity Artist Laura Harrington is showing the film: Liveliest of Elements Artist Miranda Whall is attending this symposium. Symposium – Aberystwyth Arts Centre The event is a collaboration between Aberystwyth University School of Art and the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, and supported by the British Society for Geomorphology. Also includes a symposium publication.

Artists in the Field – symposium

Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art   January 2016 Founded in December 2004 by art historian and curator Dr. Ziba Ardalan, Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art is a not-for-profit art institution that operates purely for the public benefit.  Artists Ignacio Acosta, Luce Choules, Andrew Ranville, Corinne Silva, Emma Smith, and keynote speaker Dr. Harriet Hawkins, Reader in Geography, Royal Holloway University of London, are hosting a TSOEG symposium with panel discussion on Saturday 16 Jan 2016, 2-5pm: Artists in the Field: ephemeral landscapes and experimental geographies Event – Parasol unit Part of the talks and events programme, and in response to the exhibition by artist Julian Charrière, at Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, London, UK.

Layerscape (peat bogs)

Layerscape (peat bogs) is an immersive journey into the upland peatlands of the North Pennines and Northumberland; intending to capture the visual and sonic essence of such landscapes and their environmental importance. See more

Laura Harrington

Artist Laura Harrington is now part of the TSOEG network. Working in multiple mediums, including film, drawing and installations Harrington puts a deep engagement with ecology and landscape at the heart of her practice and will often develop work in collaboration with organisations and individuals from specialist fields. Read more

Cultivating Colour

Cultivating Colour is a long term, on going project in collaboration with Joya: Arte + Ecología which started in 2013. The project is centred on the construction of a pigment garden in the Sierra María los Vélez mountain range in Almería, Northen Eastern Andalusia, Spain. See more

Sigrid Holmwood

Artist Sigrid Holmwood is now part of the TSOEG network. My work is specifically concerned with linking painting and agriculture, through my persona the ‘Peasant Painter’. I am interested in how painters have historically not only painted peasants, but have aligned themselves politically with farmers. Read more

Artists in the Field – panel discussion

The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)   November 2015 Explore is the Society’s annual fieldwork and expedition planning weekend at the Society’s headquarters in London. With over 90 leading field scientists and explorers, make sure to book your place to gain inspiration, advice and contacts for your own field research project or expedition. The emphasis is on small projects with a research component but anyone planning overseas expeditions or fieldwork is welcome – regardless of age or experience. Explore brings together a range of expedition professionals, scientists and travellers, with experience from all over the world, to help you get the most out of your journey.  Artists Luce Choules, Andrew Ranville, Corinne Silva, Ignacio Acosta with Jakub Bojczuk, and TSOEG guest artist Tuur Van Balen, are hosting a TSOEG panel discussion on Sunday 15 Nov 2015, 3-4.30pm: Artists in the Field: engaging audiences in art, science, and adventure! Event – Explore 2015 Part of the annual programme at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), London, UK.

Mountains of our Future Earth

University of the Highlands and Islands Perth College   October 2015 The Centre for Mountain Studies together with the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) and the Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA), all members of the Mountain Partnership, are organising a third conference – Perth III – on ‘Mountains of Our Future Earth’. This is a contribution to the global Future Earth programme, a 10-year international research initiative that will develop the knowledge for responding effectively to the risks and opportunities of global environmental change and supporting transformation towards global sustainability in the coming decades. Artist Miranda Whall is attending the International conference: Perth 3: Mountains of our Future Earth Conference – Mountains of our Future Earth Hosted by University of the Highlands and Islands Perth College, Scotland.

Water Conversations – review

Water Conversations. A survey of works 2007-2015   Sept 2015 Review of Anna Macleod’s exhibition at The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon by Joanne Laws, arts writer based in the west of Ireland. Features in Art Monthly, edition 389: September 2015, page 22. Read more

Residency – Rabbit Island 2016

Rabbit Island, USA   applications close 28.08.15 | 23:59 ET We are looking for several artists, writers, poets, architects, designers, composers, filmmakers, musicians, curators, or choreographers to join us next summer. Would you like to live and work on this remote wilderness, pushing your practice and contributing to new understandings of culture and environmental responsibility? If so, we would love to have you on the island. Read more

Passage – publication

Passage – publication   2015 My presence was always temporary, in passing. Each time I arrived in a place I began a new story; a quest in search of something elusive, transient or difficult to define, a ‘thing’ both common and rare. My travellers’ observations were inevitably predictable at first but my stories unfolded, twisted and turned leading me to unexpected conversations, coincidences and collaborations. I was a passenger carried along simply by the pleasure of not knowing, the pleasure of not being at home; free to wander and wonder, to surrender to time and warm winds and to fall in love with songs, voices, words, faces, dances and places… now this collection of distilled and fragmented images and sounds reveal and conceal my ‘passage’. Published by Foldedsheet, ISBN 978-0-9568607-5-0. Read more


Using a format of photographic image, spoken word and physical objects, Guide74 leads an audience on an expedition to the Alpine regions of France – a journey of many parts exploring ideas of interrelated geographies and events. See more

Crossed Paths

Crossed Paths is an artist led fieldwork, a project in development. In this project Whall is drawing together her own walks in, on and around the Pumlumon massif; Pen Pumlumon Fawr, Pen Pumlumon Arwystli, Y Garn, Pen Pumlumon Llygad-bychan and Pumlumon Fach in the Cambrian Mountains… See more


Passage is a series of quests each made with their own logic and structure and time, are now in pieces; passing, and potentially ever changing, interrelating images and sounds that are seen and heard partially and incompletely. See more

Miranda Whall

Artist Miranda Whall is now part of the TSOEG network. Whall’s practice evolves through a process of noticing and collecting stuff, people, things and the immaterial and intangible things that belong to, or pass through, places. Read more

Treasure of Lima: A Buried Exhibition

In the spring of 2014 I was invited to be a TBA21 Academy Fellow and take part in ‘Treasure of Lima: A Buried Exhibition’, curated by Nadim Samman. As an expedition member to the remote Cocos Island, I was part of a small team tasked with burying the treasure. See more


Guano provides a rich source of fertilizer. For centuries, guano and the birds that produce it played a crucial role in the cultural activities of indigenous communities of Latin America, who were concerned with the fertility of the land and sea. See more

Seven Summits

The ‘Seven Summits’ project was commissioned for the 4th edition of the Marrakech Biennale. I proposed to summit the seven mountains over 4000 meters in the Western High Atlas range. See more

Rabbit Island / No Island is a Man

Rabbit Island is a remote, 91-acre, forested island located in Lake Superior, Michigan. In the summer of 2011, I lived and worked on the island for over a month. With the assistance of several volunteers and visitors, we broke ground on a sustainable artist residency program. See more

Sulphuric Acid Route

The ‘camanchaca’ describes a unique meteorological condition consisting of a dense morning fog that makes it very difficult to see but never results in rainfall. This phenomenon takes place along the coasts of the Atacama Desert, the driest place on earth. See more

School for Tourists

School for Tourists explores global relationships through transience, using the issues of tourism as a model from which to consider global mobility more broadly. School for Tourists examines our relationship to place, questioning the roles of host and guest and asking what it means to belong. See more

Emma Smith

Artist Emma Smith is now part of the TSOEG network. Emma Smith has a social practice that is both research and production based and responds to site-specific issues. Read more

Copper Geographies

Due to its unique geological and geographical configuration, as the U.S. Geological Survey notes, Chile is the source of 27.5 per cent of the global reserves of copper. Mainly located in the Atacama Desert, these contested extractive ecologies have come to be at the centre of a series of political and environmental disputes. See more

Ignacio Acosta

Artist Ignacio Acosta is now part of the TSOEG network. Acosta explores the relationship between mobility and geography, constructing an imaginary landscape that express the impact of economic imperialism. Read more

Water Conversations. A survey of works 2007-2015

The Dock, Leitrim, Ireland   03.07.15 – 12.09.15 ‘Water Conversations’ has been structured as a mobile project that initiates local discussions, interviews, and exchanges on the politics, traditions and practices surrounding water use in a variety of global regions. To date projects have been realized in Ghana, West Africa: a variety of locations through Northern India, Colorado, USA, Ireland and Gobi Desert, Mongolia, with research projects continuing in Spain, Australia and Ireland. Read more

Water Conversations – Alberta

‘Water Conversations – Alberta’ was a performative walk with sculpture devised to call attention to the complex contradictions that exist in the beautiful wilderness of Western Canada, where fossil fuel extraction impacts local water bodies and global climate change. See more

Anna Macleod

Artist Anna Macleod is now part of the TSOEG network. Anna Macleod is an artist based in the rural northwest of Ireland whose recent work embraces questions about land and resources. Read more

Artist Talk – Corinne Silva

The Mosaic Rooms, London   17.06.15 | 7pm Join artist Corinne Silva to discover the inspiration behind the works in her Mosaic Rooms solo exhibition Garden State. Silva will be in conversation with photographer, curator and lecturer Julian Stallabrass. Read more


Corinne Silva photographed the trees in ‘Wounded’ two weeks after a fire raged through the Mount Carmel Forest in December 2010. Lasting four days and nights, it consumed more than 25,000 square kilometers of woodland. See more

Imported Landscapes

The plate of Africa is moving at a rate of 1cm per year against and underneath the Eurasian plate. In 10 – 15 million years, the Mediterranean Sea will no longer exist. See more

Corinne Silva

Artist Corinne Silva is now part of the TSOEG network. London-based artist Corinne Silva’s practice explores the use of the still and moving image in suggesting metaphysical space. Read more

54°0′13.176′′N 2°32′52.278′′W

This work is part of a project about the centroid location of Britain, the point at which a cardboard cut-out of the area could be perfectly balanced on the tip of a pencil. Islands are assumed fixed to the mainland in their precise position by invisible, weightless wires. It lies in the most desolate and remote place in the Forest of Bowland, in Lancashire, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This project looks to question the exactitude of place and our relationship to identity within notions of the contemporary Sublime. See more

Véronique Rolland

Artist Véronique Rolland is now part of the TSOEG network. Immersing herself or her sitters in the landscape, Rolland seeks to experiment with the quasi mystical through Nature and the elements. Read more

Andrew Ranville

Artist Andrew Ranville is now part of the TSOEG network. Ranville’s work is largely project-based with location, landscape, and the artwork itself determining the medium. Read more

Garden State

The Mosaic Rooms, London   14.05.15 – 20.06.15 Coinciding with this year’s Chelsea Flower Show and London Festival of Architecture, we are pleased to present a free photography exhibition Garden State by Corinne Silva. Offering an unexpected view on gardening, the show comprises photographic and sound installations exploring Israel’s suburban gardens, parks and public places. Silva encourages visitors to view gardening not simply as the act of nurturing a plot of land, but as something potentially far more sinister: a tool used in aggressive state expansion, territory marking and occupation. Read more

The Alternative Document

University of Lincoln   February 2016 This symposium explores the relationship between event and documentation as a provocation between the text /visual record and ephemeral art practices as a negotiation between sites that are often represented as polar opposites. These sites could be imagined as a territory where the distinction between land and sea is blurred, for example in alluvial plains, where the interplay between its different stages replenishes and revives each state. Rather than prioritizing one form over another, each manifestation generates potential for further responses, creating an ongoing work. Artist Luce Choules is presenting the paper: Fieldwork In Practice: performance, survey, document Symposium – The Alternative Document Hosted by the College of Arts, University of Lincoln, UK. Also includes an exhibition and publication.

Bideford Black: The Next Generation

The Burton Art Gallery, Devon   03.10.15 – 13.11.15 Eight contemporary artists are exploring a scarce local pigment, Bideford Black, to create new artworks examining science, industry and society. Selected by open call last autumn, the artists’ work will feature in a special exhibition at the Burton in October 2015 and become part of the gallery’s permanent collection. More info Exhibiting artists Tabatha Andrews / ATOI / Luce Choules / Corinne Felgate / Neville & Joan Gabie / Littlewhitehead / Lizzie Ridout / Sam Treadaway / with film-maker Liberty Smith Project managed by Flow Contemporary Arts in collaboration with Claire Gulliver

In Search of Flora

To date, this body of work involves a series of detailed surveys of single streets in different European cities, looking for signs of transient life among the features and fixtures of these busy thoroughfares. I search low and high, at the edges and corners, on surfaces and the spaces between. I walk with my camera, noting and documenting ephemeral details, mapping the inches and tints of the area. Through photographic recordings I aim to portray a precarious and wild existence and unique beauty in the everyday. See more

Here Beyond

Colour observations of the landscape surrounding Cortijada los Gázquez were made from a single viewpoint, at timed intervals, during a single day. Prior to the residency a structural framework for the painting was developed and fabricated. Exploring colour over distance and time the sequential works made during the residency document an aspect of the temporal luminosity and nuanced hues experienced in the landscape. See more

E. Jackson

Artist E. Jackson is now part of the TSOEG network. As contemporary culture accelerates, peripheral vision has narrowed and attention spans have diminished. Read more


During 2012 and 2014, artist Luce Choules collaborated on the Joya: arte + ecología’s project Sistemas Efímeros. A series of surveys were made on the terraces of the water-catchment site at Los Gázquez. Using photography and other instruments to record ideas, experimental fieldwork was documented, creating a dataset to inform new conceptual works. Choules is interested in the site as an extension of social space – a place for people to gather, research and modify. For her, Sistemas Efímeros is a site and an idea that encourages change, a location that remains static, and a surface that will see many revisions. See more

Luce Choules

Artist Luce Choules is now part of the TSOEG network. Collapsing environments in performance and sculpture is the work of artist Luce Choules. Through a spatial enquiry encompassing writing, image and sound they use fieldwork, language and live event to explore precarity and temporality in a radical rethinking of our time on this planet. Read more


Temporal School of Experimental Geography is an itinerant network of artists sharing ideas and responses to landscape through fieldwork. The intention is to explore and consider the geographic potential of artist-led fieldwork, and the experience and meaning of these practices to contribute to our collective understanding of place. The aim of TSOEG is to bring together artists working across a range of disciplines and geographic environments, to discuss fieldwork as methodology, parallel activity, art form, and research. The activities of the TSOEG network will be shared through presentations, publications, and exhibitions. Read more


The TSOEG library is a resource for books and journals about landscape – all the listed titles have been suggested by artists in the TSOEG network. Topics include: itinerant working and thinking in the landscape; expedition planning and geographical language; travel and natural science; poetry and literature; mapping and culture. See list


TSOEG organises events to consider the wider role of fieldwork in contemporary arts practice – through exhibitions, talks and symposiums, artists share insights into their research, personal fieldwork methodologies, and artist-led expeditions. Here, discussion is opened up to examine artistic practice in the landscape, reflecting on the ways artists are redefining the geographic narratives of place, site and encounter. Read more