Itinerant Actions – workshop and symposium

Hangar, Barcelona, Spain 27.03.19
Itinerant Actions: recording and broadcasting workshop 11:00-13:00
During the workshop, the erosion and disintegration of Earth systems and collapsing structures in the natural and built environment will be discussed. This workshop is led by Luce Choules. Read more

Itinerant Actions: data and dialogues symposium 19:00-21:00
The Paratext symposium will be chaired by Lala Thorpe, cultural producer (London, UK). Following presentations by Patricia Dauder, Paula Bruna, David Ortiz Juan and Luce Choules, a round-table discussion will be opened up to examine artistic practice in the landscape, reflecting on the ways artists are redefining the geographic narratives of place, site and encounter through memory, traces and sensory recordings. Responding to ideas of embodied knowledge, ecological economies, roaming landscapes and territory, the discussion will consider the role of fieldwork in contemporary arts practice. Marta Gracia, Head of Research at Hangar, will be an observer for the Paratext symposium, documenting the event through writing. Read more