Mark Aitken – documentary Neighbourhood of Infinity

Sala d’Actes del Centre Cívic La Sedeta, C/ Sicília, 321, Barcelona 22.10.21 | starts 20:00 CET
Birds colonise an urban neighbourhood. People rediscover vital animal instincts. Together they show how confinement might be the ultimate measure of freedom.

Associate Mark Aitken presents the world premiere of his new documentary film Neighbourhood of Infinity with live soundtrack performance by Melisa Bertossi, Cristian Subirà and Pablo Volt, at LEM Festival in Barcelona, Spain.

LEM Festival – Neighbourhood of Infinity – this event is organised by Gràcia Territori Sonor, and requires registration.

BARRIO DE LAS VIÑETAS – an invitation to participate

The trauma of the first pandemic lockdowns of 2020 was experienced around the world. We’re now trying to put it behind us but memories remain. LEM Festival and Director Mark Aitken are inviting those who can and those who can’t attend to write and record voiceovers for vignettes cut from the film. Although filmed in Barcelona, they will resonate with anyone who was alive in 2020.

If you wish to attend the film premiere, you’ll have opportunity to perform your voiceover live. If you can’t make the screening but want to write and record a voiceover then please follow the guidelines here. The clip and your recording will be screened at the festival.

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