RGS Explore 2021 – online event

Royal Geographical Society, London, UK 06.11.21 – 07.11.21 | 09:30-18:00 GMT
The Society’s 45th annual planning weekend will be held online this year. Explore brings together a range of expedition professionals, scientists and travellers, with experience from all over the world. The focus is on small projects with a research component, but anyone planning expeditions or fieldwork is welcome to join this online event of talks and discussion to inspire and inform your own projects.

Workshop 07.11.20 | 15:00-16:00 GMT
‘Creative Projects: Art, Exhibitions & Participation’ – as part of the Communicating Your Discoveries: Sharing Work and Inspiring Action sessions – is organised and chaired by Harriet and Rob Fraser. Includes workshop presentations from: Luce Choules, Edwina fitzPatrick, Laura Harrington, somewhere-nowhere and Tim Taylor.

RGS online booking – RGS Explore 2021 – weekend event from £25 per person to attend.