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ALTER- 2023 edition – TSOEG Team residency

ALTER- (Altitude Laboratory Transition Experiments Research), Chandolin, Switzerland 01.07.23 – 31.08.23 The TSOEG Team counter-mapping project ‘We are the Weathers’ has been selected for the 2023 edition of ALTER- in Switzerland. The project will use transdisciplinary fieldwork to explore the weather as a high mountain entity – investigating its shape-shifting characters, physical influences and event based performances. Drawing on local imaginaries and collective fieldwork the project remaps the Val d’Anniviers to reflect the embodied presence of weather on the people, places, histories and futures of the Alpine landscape. TSOEG Team ALTER- 2023: Luce Choules, Laura Harrington, E. Jackson, Carlo Rizzo, and Roisner. Read more

Hinterlands – exhibition

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle, UK opens 22.10.22 | PV 21.10.22 18:00-20:00 Hinterlands is a group exhibition that invites us to consider our relationship with the land and its ecosystems. The artists showcased explore complex histories, mythologies, legacies and potential futures for its custodianship. The show considers the landscape of the North East, its histories, mythologies and legacies and potential futures for custodianship. New commissions and existing works by artists connected with the area reflect on ideas of rootedness and belonging, human and more-than-human relationships, boundaries, land and time in the era of the climate emergency. The idea of hinterlands – the land away from the coast or the banks of a river – is at the core of the exhibition, which explores what lies beyond the visible or known. Considering land and place as a complex layering of relationships, the exhibition will explore these ideas through innovative artistic processes and approaches, including through the possibilities of materials and contexts: geological, biological and social, shaped and hardened by history. Artists: Michele Allen, Uma Breakdown, Jo …

ENTWINED – online assemblage

Institute for Creative Arts Practice, Newcastle University, UK December 2021 ‘ENTWINED Online Assemblage’ celebrates the end of the two-year, multi-partner programme ENTWINED:Rural.Land.Lives.Art. The project is organised by VARC (Visual Arts in Rural Communities). It comprises six mixed-length residencies and associated artist projects. Each artist’s practice explored different aspects of what makes a ‘place’, revealing the interconnectedness of rural land and rural lives. Invited speakers include artists and academics that are concerned with rurality and/or what makes ‘place’. The conference videos seek to interrogate the interconnectedness of rural land and lives, and includes contributions by environmental artist-researchers somewhere-nowhere and artist Laura Harrington. Online assemblage – ENTWINED conference. More information on this project can be seen on the VARC website.

RGS Explore 2021 – online event

Royal Geographical Society, London, UK 06.11.21 – 07.11.21 | 09:30-18:00 GMT The Society’s 45th annual planning weekend will be held online this year. Explore brings together a range of expedition professionals, scientists and travellers, with experience from all over the world. The focus is on small projects with a research component, but anyone planning expeditions or fieldwork is welcome to join this online event of talks and discussion to inspire and inform your own projects. Workshop 07.11.20 | 15:00-16:00 GMT ‘Creative Projects: Art, Exhibitions & Participation’ – as part of the Communicating Your Discoveries: Sharing Work and Inspiring Action sessions – is organised and chaired by Harriet and Rob Fraser. Includes workshop presentations from: Luce Choules, Edwina fitzPatrick, Laura Harrington, somewhere-nowhere and Tim Taylor. RGS online booking – RGS Explore 2021 – weekend event from £25 per person to attend.

The Post-Fossil Show – exhibition

HIAP Gallery Augusta, Suomenlinna, Finland 01.10.20 – 01.11.20 | Wednesday to Sunday, 12:00-16:00 The Post-Fossil Transition project as well as the exhibition strive to challenge the currently dominant paradigms and tropes related to ecological sustainability. The artworks in the show point towards the blind spots we have in our discourse and understanding, as well as propose experiences and perspectives that exist outside the domain of reason and language. Artists & contributors: Saara Hannula & Antti Salminen, Laura Harrington, Saara-Maria Kariranta & Riikka Keränen & Hanna Kaisa Vainio, Bita Razavi, Elina Vainio, Kaisu Savola, and Yrjö Sotamaa. Read more


Six artists, an ecologist and two filmmakers were brought together at a former scientific field station to cultivate multifarious practices of artistic fieldwork. Together we found ways of existing, inhabiting and working within the context of this remote location. See more

Artists in the Field – exhibition

The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) 06.11.19 – 10.11.19 Artists in the Field. Curated by the Rabbit Island Foundation and Temporal School of Experimental Geography. Artists: Ruben Brulat, Luce Choules, Edwina fitzPatrick, Roseann Hanson, Laura Harrington, Emma Harry, Duy Hoáng, Alexandra Hughes, Alice Pedroletti, Andrew Ranville, Himali Singh Soin, somewhere-nowhere and Rhona Taylor. Event – Explore 2019 Part of the annual programme at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), London, UK.

Esparto: new ground – exhibition

Fundación Pedro Cano, Blanca, Murcia, Spain 02.02.19 – 17.03.19 ‘Esparto: new ground’. Сurators: Luce Choules and Victória Rabal. Artists: Lorena Álvarez, Pedro Cano, Yamandú Canosa, Luce Choules, Ramon Enrich, Rob and Harriet Fraser, Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar, Laura Harrington, Sigrid Holmwood, E. Jackson, Anna Macleod, Melissa Marks, Pedro Ortuño, Victória Rabal, Corinne Silva, and Noemí Yepes. Read more

Esparto: new ground – exhibition

Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades, Barcelona, Spain 17.06.18 – 09.09.18 ‘Esparto: new ground’. Сurators: Luce Choules and Victória Rabal. Artists: Lorena Álvarez, Pedro Cano, Yamandú Canosa, Luce Choules, Ramon Enrich, Rob and Harriet Fraser, Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar, Laura Harrington, Sigrid Holmwood, E. Jackson, Anna Macleod, Melissa Marks, Pedro Ortuño, Corinne Silva, and Noemí Yepes. Read more

The Liveliest of Elements, an Ordinary Extraordinary Material

The Liveliest of Elements, an Ordinary Extraordinary Material is an exhibition of work formed from an elongated period of research into upland peat landscapes. Specifically Moss Flats, a bare peat flatland, approximately 50 miles west of Newcastle upon Tyne in the North Pennines, a landscape that gave Harrington an insight into the substance of peat as a dynamic and changeable material. See more

STRATA – symposium

Aberystwyth Arts Centre   January 2016 A day of talks, films and discussions by academics and practitioners on the theme of art-science collaborations in the Anthropocene, a proposed new geological time interval that suggests that humans are now the dominant influence shaping the Earth system. Are human activities such as agriculture, mining and urbanisation leaving distinctive ‘footprints’ in the Earth’s strata that will endure into the future and so enter the long-term geological record? What are the creative responses to such propositions? Artist Luce Choules is presenting a research poster: Guide74: a mountain recording activity Artist Laura Harrington is showing the film: Liveliest of Elements Artist Miranda Whall is attending this symposium. Symposium – Aberystwyth Arts Centre The event is a collaboration between Aberystwyth University School of Art and the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, and supported by the British Society for Geomorphology. Also includes a symposium publication.

Layerscape (peat bogs)

Layerscape (peat bogs) is an immersive journey into the upland peatlands of the North Pennines and Northumberland; intending to capture the visual and sonic essence of such landscapes and their environmental importance. See more

Laura Harrington

Artist Laura Harrington is now part of the TSOEG network. Working in multiple mediums, including film, drawing and installations Harrington puts a deep engagement with ecology and landscape at the heart of her practice and will often develop work in collaboration with organisations and individuals from specialist fields. Read more