RGS-IBG Cherry Kearton Medal and Award 2023

Royal Geographical Society, London, UK 05.06.23 | 18:15 – 19:15
The RGS-IBG medals and awards recognise excellence in geographical research, fieldwork, teaching, policy, and public engagement. They are presented annually in recognition of those who have made outstanding contributions.

Congratulations to Harriet Fraser and Rob Fraser (somewhere-nowhere) for winning the Cherry Kearton Medal and Award this year, “for their discipline-crossing work, aiming to shed light on the seldom-seen and seldom-heard in the context of rural landscapes.”

The RGS-IBG Cherry Kearton Medal and Award is for a traveller concerned with the study or practice of natural history, with a preference for those with an interest in nature photography, art or cinematography. Read more

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