Despite Extractivism – ‘Embodiment’ event

Extracting Us collective, University of Brighton, UK 27.01.22 | 12:00-13:30 GMT

Following the online exhibition launch event, three webinars will explore the stories, ideas and practises of the Despite Extractivism contributors and the communities they engage with. The events, featuring performances, presentations and discussions, focus in turn on expanding but intersecting scales, from the body to the global.

Embodied, sensory or emotional experiences can evoke (new) sensibilities to extractive realities at a personal level. In this webinar we will explore how particular kinds of creative practises and strategies not only portray such experiences but also motivate embodied persistence or resistance , because of – or despite – extractivism.

The ‘Embodiment’ event includes a performance by artist Luce Choules (showing in the exhibition as Choules+Roisner).

Despite Extractivism – online exhibition. Register on Eventbrite for ‘Embodiment’ event tickets. Past information on this project can be seen on the ONCA website.

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