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Squaring the Circles of Confusion – exhibition

RPS Gallery, Bristol, UK 09.09.22 – 06.11.22 Squaring the Circles of Confusion: Neo-Pictorialism in the 21st Century is curated by Zelda Cheatle, RPS Honorary Fellow, and features work from Takashi Arai, Susan Derges, David George, Joy Gregory, Tom Hunter, Ian Phillips McLaren, Céline Bodin, and Spencer Rowell. Read more

Post Punctum – online artist talk

London Independent Photography, UK 04.11.20 | 19:00-20:30 BST LIP proudly presents David George to speak as part of Post Punctum. The theme for the Post Punctum series comes from Roland Barthe’s book Camera Lucida, in which he cites two main elements in a photographic image, studium and punctum. The photographers in this series of talks, have been chosen to represent artists who have moved from commercial to lens based art, to represent female and queer artists along with those who still practice alternative print processes and film photography. Eventbrite booking – LIP Post Punctum (Zoom) Talks – this event is free to attend. LIP event hosted by Jennifer Nash.

David George

Artist David George is now part of the TSOEG network. David George has been exploring photographic representations of the contemporary British landscape for 40 years and has incorporated themes prevalent in 19th century painting practice and aesthetic to aid this exploration. David has appropriated the Sublime, the Melancholy, the Romantic, the Pastoral and the Uncanny in series of images, which he has made to create work that represents the contemporary landscape in a more pictorialist way, while still creating images that can be viewed as documenting the landscape. Read more

East of Eden

The East of Eden project is a series of photographs that document the River Tees as it travels through the topography/geography of the North East and uses the landscapes that have been created by the ever-changing industrial, economic, political and sometimes social needs and interventions along its course, from its source in the High Pennines on Cross Fell to its meeting with the North Sea at Teesmouth. See more