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Thessaloniki Biennial of Contemporary Art: 8 – exhibition

Thessaloniki Biennial of Contemporary Art, Greece 04.03.23 – 21.05.23 The central exhibition of the 8th Thessaloniki Biennial of Contemporary Art aims to think critically about co-existence and collaborative practices as creative tools for handling the multiple crises that we face. Thinking through being as communion, 28 artists via their respective practices touch on various forms of more than human collaborations, with our spectral past and our challenging present, thinking of how we can co-exist with animate life around us, the land that we stand on, the food that we eat and the air that we breathe. Being as Communion will focus on inclusive practices that explore different forms of care, love and mutuality, whilst also proposing generous forms of support systems. Invited artists and artist collectives will explore the human impact on the eco-systems that we share, whilst suggesting forms of more equitable existence, for humanimal survival, probing to what extent we can learn new ways of being with, rather than dominating the world around us. Artists: Jumana Emil Abboud, Campus Νovel, Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Thanasis …

Hinterlands – exhibition

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle, UK opens 22.10.22 | PV 21.10.22 18:00-20:00 Hinterlands is a group exhibition that invites us to consider our relationship with the land and its ecosystems. The artists showcased explore complex histories, mythologies, legacies and potential futures for its custodianship. The show considers the landscape of the North East, its histories, mythologies and legacies and potential futures for custodianship. New commissions and existing works by artists connected with the area reflect on ideas of rootedness and belonging, human and more-than-human relationships, boundaries, land and time in the era of the climate emergency. The idea of hinterlands – the land away from the coast or the banks of a river – is at the core of the exhibition, which explores what lies beyond the visible or known. Considering land and place as a complex layering of relationships, the exhibition will explore these ideas through innovative artistic processes and approaches, including through the possibilities of materials and contexts: geological, biological and social, shaped and hardened by history. Artists: Michele Allen, Uma Breakdown, Jo …

Squaring the Circles of Confusion – exhibition

RPS Gallery, Bristol, UK 09.09.22 – 06.11.22 Squaring the Circles of Confusion: Neo-Pictorialism in the 21st Century is curated by Zelda Cheatle, RPS Honorary Fellow, and features work from Takashi Arai, Susan Derges, David George, Joy Gregory, Tom Hunter, Ian Phillips McLaren, Céline Bodin, and Spencer Rowell. Read more

Points of Return – online exhibition

Points of Return, A La Luz, Scotland/USA 01.03.22 Curated after an international open call, Points of Return presents works by 25 artists that highlight some of the impacts that human actions have had on our planet and foster critical thinking about positive change. The title of the exhibition references the fact that we haven’t reached the dreaded “point of no return” – there are still opportunities for our civilisation to curb climate change and move toward a balanced and more sustainable and harmonious way of inhabiting Earth. Points of Return brings to the surface the problematic relationship the human species has toward planet Earth and highlights how human activity, particularly since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, has induced climate breakdown. Yet, we firmly believe there are reasons for optimism. The projects exhibited show that there are multiple paths and approaches that can be taken, in order to restore the environmental balance that we have destabilised. The exhibition is curated by artists David Cass & Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar and can be seen on the Points of …

Despite Extractivism – online exhibition

Extracting Us collective, University of Brighton, UK Launch event 20.01.22 | 12:00-13:30 GMT The ‘Despite Extractivism’ online exhibition assembles expressions of care, creativity and community from diverse sites of extraction and geographical contexts. Collectively, the works in this exhibition illuminate and explore ways of questioning, subverting and resisting the logics and impacts of extractivism. Can artistic interventions help foster new sensibilities and solidarities with distanced extractive contexts? Can sites of extraction be a fertile ground for alternatives? The exhibition is part of the ongoing ‘Extracting Us’ collective journey exploring the diverse, uneven but sometimes connected ways in which resource extraction also extracts from communities. The exhibition and associated events include contributions by artist Luce Choules (showing as Choules+Roisner) and associate V’cenza Cirefice (with project participants). Despite Extractivism – online exhibition. Register on Eventbrite for exhibition launch event tickets. Past information on this project can be seen on the ONCA website.

HerMaP – digital exhibition

HerMaP, Iran 05.06.21 – 06.05.21 u-form is a project by Alice Pedroletti & Andrea Familari. Part of HerMaP Art Projects, the multimedia exhibition is the result of an online residency in which 10 artists worked through a dialogue between Iran and Europe in collaboration with a supporting group of artists and researchers in Tehran, looking into the aspect of the Industrial and Living Heritage in Iran, and developing new digital works. Funded by EU Commission DG for International Partnerships, with⁠⁠ partners B⁠ozar Center for Fine Arts Brussels⁠⁠, German Embassy in Tehran⁠⁠, Goethe Institute, and Newkinco. Registration – HerMaP digital exhibition.

The Post-Fossil Show – exhibition

HIAP Gallery Augusta, Suomenlinna, Finland 01.10.20 – 01.11.20 | Wednesday to Sunday, 12:00-16:00 The Post-Fossil Transition project as well as the exhibition strive to challenge the currently dominant paradigms and tropes related to ecological sustainability. The artworks in the show point towards the blind spots we have in our discourse and understanding, as well as propose experiences and perspectives that exist outside the domain of reason and language. Artists & contributors: Saara Hannula & Antti Salminen, Laura Harrington, Saara-Maria Kariranta & Riikka Keränen & Hanna Kaisa Vainio, Bita Razavi, Elina Vainio, Kaisu Savola, and Yrjö Sotamaa. Read more

Documents, Alternatives 4 – exhibition

‘Documents, Alternatives’, University of Derby, UK 2020 | online edition The on-line curated exhibition Documents, Alternatives #4, by Angela Bartram, aims to isolate, address, find and utilize appropriate means to translate a diverse range of practice digitally whilst remaining true to its artistic intent. It offers a series of responses through the format of an on-line exhibition of ephemeral artworks, that is designed to self-curate with each user visit. Artist Luce Choules is featured in this edition. Read more

Archaeology of Sacrifice – exhibition

ZeppLab, Zeppelin Museum, Friedrichshafen, Germany 18.09.20 – 06.12.20 Artist Ignacio Acosta is the 39th artist in residence of the ZF Art Foundation. The result of the present grant is the exhibition ‘Archaeology of Sacrifice’ at the ZF Art Foundation in the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen. Acosta’s two-channel video installation ‘Archaeology of Sacrifice’ was created as part of the scholarship of the ZF Kunststiftung and will be shown for the first time at ZeppLab until December 2020. Read more

Vivo. Objeto. Virtual – exhibition

SWAB Barcelona Art Fair, Spain 01.10.20 – 15.10.20 | virtual edition SWAB is the contemporary art fair of Barcelona, an independent project that was born in 2006 as an experimental platform for emerging artistic proposals. Founded by architect and collector Joaquín Diez-Cascón, Swab is an event that brings together up to 80 galleries from the international scene and functions as a meeting point for the cultural sector on a global scale. Artist Paula Bruna is exhibiting in the ‘Ephemeral’ programme for the 2020 edition. Read more

ONCA – Weaving Connections webinar (POLLEN20)

ONCA, Brighton, UK, as part of POLLEN20 24.09.20 | 14:45-16:30 BST ‘Extracting Us’ brings together reflections and creative work from thirteen artists-activists-researchers in relation to diverse extractive contexts, and responses from virtual visitors and participants over the past month. Through facilitated conversation with co-curators and artists, this event will begin to weave together the threads that connect the contributions, and consider some collective learnings and potential future work. Artist Luce Choules is an invited panel contributor. Eventbrite booking – Weaving Connections webinar – this event is free to attend. Online event is part of the POLLEN20 Political Ecology Network virtual conference, co-hosted by ONCA, Brighton,UK.

Sense of Place – online exhibition launch and Q&A

Royal Geographical Society, London, UK 06.10.20 | 18:30-19:30 An evening event which combines a short film, a virtual exhibition tour and a Q&A to launch ‘Sense of Here’ created by Harriet and Rob Fraser. This thought-provoking exhibition of photography, poetry and creative mapping is born from slow time outdoors and in-depth enquiries into different elements of landscape, centred in the Lake District National Park. The exhibition encapsulates ‘the feeling and knowing of place’. This online event is a one-off opportunity to meet artists Harriet and Rob Fraser, and join a live Q&A with them. This event is coordinated by artist duo somewhere-nowhere. Online booking – Sense of Place: exhibition virtual launch – this event is free to attend. Online event hosted by Royal Geographical Society, London.

Enchanted Wood – exhibition

Three Colt Gallery, London, UK 05.03.20 – 28.03.20 | opens 04.03.20 18:00-21:00 The artist will be present on Saturday 14th, 21st and 28th March 12:00-15:00 The gallery is open Tuesday-Sunday 09:00-17:00 The exhibition of new paintings are inspired by the wooded landscapes of the Lake District in early spring. The canvases are developed from research undertaken with poet Sarah Corbett for the project ‘Dorothy’s Colour’ (2017). Walking the same paths as documented by Dorothy Wordsworth in her ‘Grasmere Journals’ the project explores ideas around walking women and landscape. Benbow’s recent oil paintings are subtle and precise in their use of colour and composition and play with painting processes to imply natural form. Her work aims to communicate a sense of visual awareness of place with the intention of making room in our view for a little reverie and magic! Read more

El tráfico de la Tierra – exhibition

Centro de Arte y Naturaleza, Fondación Beulas, Huesca, Spain 24.10.19 – 12.01.20 El tráfico de la Tierra is a collaboration between photographers Xavier Ribas and Ignacio Acosta and art historian Louise Purbrick. This research documents the movement of mineral wealth in Chile and its incorporation into global markets and European landscapes. Read more

Artists in the Field – exhibition

The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) 06.11.19 – 10.11.19 Artists in the Field. Curated by the Rabbit Island Foundation and Temporal School of Experimental Geography. Artists: Ruben Brulat, Luce Choules, Edwina fitzPatrick, Roseann Hanson, Laura Harrington, Emma Harry, Duy Hoáng, Alexandra Hughes, Alice Pedroletti, Andrew Ranville, Himali Singh Soin, somewhere-nowhere and Rhona Taylor. Event – Explore 2019 Part of the annual programme at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), London, UK.

Tales From the Crust – exhibition

Arts Catalyst, London, UK 26.09.19 – 14.12.19 | opens 25.09.19 18:30-20:30 Building on ongoing research into extractive activities in Chile and Swedish Sábme, Tales from the Crust presents existing and new work by Chilean artist Ignacio Acosta, comprising documents, films, photographs, maps and objects. Read more

Instant Vista – exhibition and artist talk

PLAYhouse Gallery, San Antonio, Texas, USA 23.03.19 – 07.04.19 | opens 23.03.19 12:00-17:00 Instant Vista, is an exhibition of Andrew Ranville‘s Polaroid photographs. The venue has a unique history… and scale. It is a miniature house built specially for the daughter of the former owner of the adjacent mansion. Only two or three visitors can enter the gallery at a time, but the intimate space will showcase a large number of unique Polaroids — each a small window into wide open landscapes documenting explorations throughout the western United States and further afield. Artist talk Thursday, 21.03.19, 12:30-13:30 Andrew Ranville plans to cover a wide variety of topics including the artist’s relationship with/responsibilities in the landscape, interdisciplinary fieldwork, and conservation. Questions and discussion will follow. The event is open to the public. Please feel free to come by and/or invite friends who may be in the area. Venue: Trinity University, Department of Art & Art History, Dicke Art/Smith Music Building, One Trinity Place, San Antonio, TX 78212

Esparto: new ground – exhibition

Fundación Pedro Cano, Blanca, Murcia, Spain 02.02.19 – 17.03.19 ‘Esparto: new ground’. Сurators: Luce Choules and Victória Rabal. Artists: Lorena Álvarez, Pedro Cano, Yamandú Canosa, Luce Choules, Ramon Enrich, Rob and Harriet Fraser, Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar, Laura Harrington, Sigrid Holmwood, E. Jackson, Anna Macleod, Melissa Marks, Pedro Ortuño, Victória Rabal, Corinne Silva, and Noemí Yepes. Read more

The Archive of the Trees – exhibition

Fineshade Wood, UK (postcode NN17 3BB) 15.09.18 – 15.12.18 The exhibition ‘The Archive of the Trees’, by artist Edwina fitzPatrick, in the newly refurbished Arches space at Fineshade Wood  features two-sided vertical prints, which reveal both the bark and the insides of the cored trees. Read more

Esparto: new ground – exhibition

Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades, Barcelona, Spain 17.06.18 – 09.09.18 ‘Esparto: new ground’. Сurators: Luce Choules and Victória Rabal. Artists: Lorena Álvarez, Pedro Cano, Yamandú Canosa, Luce Choules, Ramon Enrich, Rob and Harriet Fraser, Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar, Laura Harrington, Sigrid Holmwood, E. Jackson, Anna Macleod, Melissa Marks, Pedro Ortuño, Corinne Silva, and Noemí Yepes. Read more

NEW:DEFENCE – pop up exhibition

Coalhouse Fort, Tilbury, Essex, UK   28.04.18 | 11:00-16:00 Nine artists, including several who are connected to or work in the locality, working across photography, sculpture, installation, film and sound, will show works which relate to the theme of defence, including the site itself or in response to the fort’s rich archive of objects, documents and photographs, housed in Thurrock Museum, Grays. Read more Exhibiting artists: Tom Brannigan, Victoria Coster, Felicity Hammond, Laurynas Karmalavicius, Corinne Silva, Dafna Talmor, Alastair Thain, Michael Whelan and Samuel Zealey. Gemma Padley, NEW:DEFENCE curator, explains: “The exhibition explores the parallel between the shifting nature of the fort (opening itself up to new possibilities), and what it means to be an artist – to let one’s guard down to make meaningful work.” Read more Following on from the Heritage Lottery Fund supported exhibition, there will be a summer of artist residencies, talks and educational workshops taking place at Coalhouse Fort supported by Arts Council England.

Documents, Alternatives 3 – exhibition

BSAD, Bath Spa University, UK 20.04.18 – 11.05.18 ‘Documents, Alternatives 3’. Сurator: Angela Bartram. Artists: Angela Bartram, Andrew Bracey, Brazier + Free, Luce Choules, Emma Cocker & Clare Thornton, Kate Corder, Steve Dutton, Tim Etchells, Rochelle Haley, Morrad + McArthur, Andy Pepper, and Louise K. Wilson. Read more

Into the Woods – exhibition

V&A, London, UK   show runs until 22.04.18 Trees have long been a source of inspiration for artists. They can evoke a primal sense of wonder and the strong patterns of their branches, bark and leaves consistently offer visually arresting subjects. This display explores the diverse representation of trees in photography, with works by 40 photographers, including Paul Strand, Robert Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson. In 2017, the V&A acquired new work from Veronique Rolland to be part of this exhibition. Read more

Crossed Paths – exhibition

Oriel Davies, Newtown, Wales   21.04.18 – 13.06.18 Crossed Paths comprises three projects by Aberystwyth-based artist Miranda Whall, occurring between 2017 and 2021 in Wales, Scotland and France. These bring together film, performance and the body in motion, mountain and upland ecology: each project telling a story of a mountain from a different perspective. Oriel Davies presents the Welsh component in an immersive multi-media installation and contextual exhibition that offers a non-representational and ecological response to an area within the Cambrian Mountains, West Wales. Read more

Documents, Alternatives 2 – exhibition

Verge Gallery, University of Sydney, Australia   18.01.18 – 24.02.18 ‘Documents, Alternatives 2’. Сurator: Angela Bartram. Artists: Angela Bartram, Andrew Bracey, Brazier + Free, Luce Choules, Emma Cocker & Clare Thornton, Kate Corder, Steve Dutton, Tim Etchells, Rochelle Haley, Morrad + McArthur, Andy Pepper, and Louise K. Wilson. Read more

Metageography – exhibition

Pushkin House, 5a Bloomsbury Square, London   07.09.17 – 11.10.17 ‘Metageography. Space – Image – Action’. Сurators: Nikolay Smirnov, Kirill Svetlyakov. Co-curator in London: Olga Jürgenson. Scientific Consultant: Dmitry Zamyatin. Artists: Nadezhda Anfalova, Egor Astapchenko, Elena Berg, Irina Filatova, Dima Filippov, Lucy Harris, Valery Klamm, Kollectivnye Deystviya (Collective Actions), Ikuru Kuvadzhima, Ekaterina Lazareva, Mikhail Maksimov, Idit Elia Nathan, Egor Plotnikov, Boris Rodoman, Kirill Savchenkov, Max Sher, Corinne Silva, Evgeny Strelkov, Up! Community, Dmitry Venkov, Dmitry Zamyatin. Read more

Deixis (Part 1)

Mizoomi Gallery, London, UK   Preview evening: Thursday 02.03.17, 18:30-21:30 Multi-disciplinary artist, lecturer and course leader in Creative Arts Miranda Whall will present the series of three ‘Untitled, Birds on my head’ and one of a series of ‘Lace Drawings’ in the group show Deixis (Part 1) at Mizoomi Gallery. Whall’s drawings present fantasy scenarios where the artist attempts to equally co-exist with objects, architecture, materials, living creatures etc to make humorous, unlikely and uncanny scenarios. Whall’s fictions play out extremely personal, exhibitionist and explicit representations of herself in order to explore the (in)appropriateness and (mis)placed multiple and simultaneous dimensions of being a contemporary human being. The Mizoomi gallery, with a focus on encouraging the exposure of international contemporary artists, presents Deixis (part 1). In linguistics deixis refers to words or phrases that cannot be fully understood without additional contextual information. The exhibition includes a representation of five internationally exhibited and published artists. MIZOOMI GALLERY, 168 FULHAM ROAD, LONDON SW10 9PR.


Stavali, Hardangervidda Nationalpark, Norway   July and August 2016 ‘Absens’ is a new body of work combining sound and installation at the former outfarm Stavali, Hardangervidda Nationalpark by Frauke Materlik (artist and landscape architect) and Stephen Crowe (composer). ‘Absens’ highlights the changes in nature, landscape and their resultant impact on society. Read more

Water Conversations. A survey of works 2007-2015

The Dock, Leitrim, Ireland   03.07.15 – 12.09.15 ‘Water Conversations’ has been structured as a mobile project that initiates local discussions, interviews, and exchanges on the politics, traditions and practices surrounding water use in a variety of global regions. To date projects have been realized in Ghana, West Africa: a variety of locations through Northern India, Colorado, USA, Ireland and Gobi Desert, Mongolia, with research projects continuing in Spain, Australia and Ireland. Read more

Garden State

The Mosaic Rooms, London   14.05.15 – 20.06.15 Coinciding with this year’s Chelsea Flower Show and London Festival of Architecture, we are pleased to present a free photography exhibition Garden State by Corinne Silva. Offering an unexpected view on gardening, the show comprises photographic and sound installations exploring Israel’s suburban gardens, parks and public places. Silva encourages visitors to view gardening not simply as the act of nurturing a plot of land, but as something potentially far more sinister: a tool used in aggressive state expansion, territory marking and occupation. Read more

Bideford Black: The Next Generation

The Burton Art Gallery, Devon   03.10.15 – 13.11.15 Eight contemporary artists are exploring a scarce local pigment, Bideford Black, to create new artworks examining science, industry and society. Selected by open call last autumn, the artists’ work will feature in a special exhibition at the Burton in October 2015 and become part of the gallery’s permanent collection. More info Exhibiting artists Tabatha Andrews / ATOI / Luce Choules / Corinne Felgate / Neville & Joan Gabie / Littlewhitehead / Lizzie Ridout / Sam Treadaway / with film-maker Liberty Smith Project managed by Flow Contemporary Arts in collaboration with Claire Gulliver