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Memories of an Unknown Island – book

Jane & Jeremy – publisher Véronique Rolland‘s ‘Memories of an Unknown Island’ is a project about a place that does not exist – a utopia created from a collection of photographs from a plethora of locations Rolland has visited. Together they visually and emotionally blend into one and transform into an ideal fictional land. In doing this the boundaries are blurred between the real and the constructed, it is the creation of an island that is not real, made up of previous memories and fleeting moments, it is grounded in the factual but transformed into a fantasy. Read more

Copper Geographies – book

Editorial RM – publisher Ignacio Acosta‘s ‘Copper Geographies’ invites the viewer on a journey of copper from raw material through stock market exchange value, smelted commodity, capital wealth and recycled material. From the transformed landscapes of the Atacama Desert through a re-imagined voyage to Wales and the City of London, the project documents spaces of circulation, environmental disruption, protest and trade, and makes visible the return of the copper hidden within technological devices to its geographical origins. It includes six written contributions by curators, historians and poets; Andrés Anwandter, Marta Dahó, Tehmina Goskar, Tony Lopez, Louise Purbrick and Frank Vicencio López. Read more

Crossed Paths – book

Edgework – online shop Miranda Whall’s book provides a document of the interdisciplinary Crossed Paths project and was published to coincide with Whall’s solo exhibition at Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, UK. It includes an introductory text by Simon Whitehead, photographs by Hannah Mann, Rhys Thwaites-Jones and Miranda Whall, poems by Zoe Skoulding, text by Phil Smith, map drawings by Miranda Whall, plant drawings by the Whall family and plant information by Mariecia Fraser. Read more

Passage – publication

Passage – publication   2015 My presence was always temporary, in passing. Each time I arrived in a place I began a new story; a quest in search of something elusive, transient or difficult to define, a ‘thing’ both common and rare. My travellers’ observations were inevitably predictable at first but my stories unfolded, twisted and turned leading me to unexpected conversations, coincidences and collaborations. I was a passenger carried along simply by the pleasure of not knowing, the pleasure of not being at home; free to wander and wonder, to surrender to time and warm winds and to fall in love with songs, voices, words, faces, dances and places… now this collection of distilled and fragmented images and sounds reveal and conceal my ‘passage’. Published by Foldedsheet, ISBN 978-0-9568607-5-0. Read more