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20 years of seeing with GPS: perspectives and future directions

King’s College, London, UK 12.06.20 | 09:30-17:30 To mark twenty years of GPS in the public realm, participants are invited to join for a one-day symposium to discuss, question and reflect upon how GPS has affected how we see the world. From our situated everyday experiences of navigation and self-tracking, to the wider ways in which the world can be seen from afar by us and digital technologies through trackable objects, practices and mapping interfaces, it is simple enough to propose that GPS has changed our relationship to the world. Artist Layla Curtis is a keynote speaker. Eventbrite booking – 20 years of seeing with GPS – this event is free to attend. Online event hosted by Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London.

Layla Curtis

Artist Layla Curtis is now part of the TSOEG network. Layla Curtis is a British artist whose practice has a focus on place, landscape and mapping. Her multi-form work examines the attempts we make to chart the earth, how we locate ourselves, navigate space and represent terrain. She is concerned with how we map borders and boundaries, both real and metaphorical, to define territories and to establish a sense of place. Read more